Les Boucher

Sanctuary Point, Australia

I reside on the South Coast of New South Wales in the St.Georges Basin area which is situated within the bounderies of the Shoalhaven. I...


I would suggest that EVERY RED BUBBLE MEMBER click the following link as this could have an effect on the copyright of your art works.

Red Bubble have made some changes which affect all of us and, to me, they have done so without my knowledge.

Read on at this link

My suggestion would be to go to your account page and scroll to the bottom where you can click the box to remove the link….but I will leave it up to you to decide what is in your best interest after reading what is in the link.

From the link posted by Aakheperure (see my post here) from “The Australian Copyright Council”:http://www.copyright.org.au/find-an-answer/brow... and, considering the amount of posts on this subject, I found the following item very interesting….
Can people scan and alter my photos without my permission? Who owns copyright in
the altered photo?

Scanning a photo to make a digitised version, or making a copy of an existing digital file,reproduces the photo and therefore generally requires the permission of the copyright owner(unless an exception to infringement applies).
If the other person creates a new artistic work using the scanned photo, he or she will own copyright in the new work. However, if the new work incorporates an important, distinctive or recognisable part of the original photo, the owner of copyright in the new work will need the original photographerʼs permission to reproduce and communicate it to the public.
The original photographer still owns copyright in the original photo.
Alteration of photos may, in some cases, infringe your moral rights in the work (the rights to be attributed as creator of a work, right not to be falsely attributed as the creator and the right of integrity against derogatory treatment of the work).

Remember that this is an Australian ruling and more information can be found on the link provided.

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