Manokwari, Indonesia

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Jumping Dolphin

Have you ever seen a jumphing dolphin? Well, you can see it when visiting a marine aquarium or when traveling by boat at sea. As a tourist guide, I frequently see dolphins when I arrange tours for international visitors who come to West Papua for snorkeling in Raja Ampat island, or Tambrauw regency. The number of dolphins that I see are in the range of two to four or five. But I used to see approximately thirty dolphins in the middle of the sea when I made a crossing from Numfor island to Manokwari city by a big ferry in Cendrawasih bay.
So, it is a natural thing for me to make a little artwork of this beautiful fish. This is not a vector illustration but a real drawing. I used a 2B graphite pencil from Staedtler and a charcoal pencil to create the artwork.
You can now buy it printed on various products of my Redbubble store.
Thank you,

Charles Roring

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