Manokwari, Indonesia

I work as tour guide. I frequently organize tours such as hiking, birding, camping and wildlife watching or snorkeling and freediving. I...

Orchid in Watercolor

Orchid is an exotic plant. What does exotic mean? Well, exotic means unusual, strange or different. That’s true. Most orchids do not grow on the ground taking nutrients from soil. They can be seen in very high trees. There are orchids that grow on the ground such as the spathoglottis plicata whose flower I uploaded yesterday in my Redbubble store.
While walking with visitors in the jungle (my profession is tourist guide), I often see orchids growing in high trees. Their roots cling onto the junction between a branch and the main trunk of a tree. Orchid consists of tens of thousands of species in colorful flower combination. I like pale pink such as the ones that I made using watercolor. I plan to create more watercolor painting for Redbubble and hope that they can be printed on various products of this great store. And the most important thing is that you will like them.

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