Manokwari, Indonesia

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White Terrestrial Orchid from West Papua

I have just uploaded another vector graphic tonight. It is an illustration of white terrestrial orchid called White Spathoglottis. I saw them growing in the rainforest near Manokwari city- the town where I live. At that time, I was guiding a beautiful British girl who was working in Kew Botanical Garden.
This white spathoglottis grows in karst soil particularly in forest edges that receive more sunlight. The orchid plant does not like wet soil. So the best habitat of this terrestrial orchid is karst soil with some slope or steep slope.
I created the vector drawing of the white spathoglottis flower using Inkscape. It is an open source or free vector illustration software that anybody can download and use. I really like the software because it can export my illustration directly into png format.
I will create more artworks based on the wildlife and tropical rainforest or coral reef so that we will give more appreciation to our environment.

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