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March Madness, April's Sobriety

Have you ever had the desire to do some artwork but there wasn’t anything inspiring you at that moment….which doesn’t remove the desire to do something? Well, for the month of March, I was going through the opposite of that. For some reason I obligated myself with about 10 artist card swaps (that’s 3 cards per swap), then I hosted my own swap that ended on the 31st. It was called, “Send In The Clowns.” I just sent the returns for those cards yesterday; and as appreciation for joining the swap, I made extra cards. That was 9 extras. I was having so much fun with these cards until I realized that one set had to be sent to South Africa and two other sets were going to England. I have no idea how long that transit is and many times the envelopes look like they have been through miles and miles of hard terrain. Nevertheless, I enjoy trading with people all over the world and I receive the best art in return (I also have a pile of the not so nice too).

I still came to RB to check in to see how the groups are doing along with some of my contacts. I have temporarily closed The Much More Mucha Group for some Spring cleaning as well as The Mature Women Group (with Richard Murch, the host’s permission). While going through all of the artwork, I came to realize the stagnation of the group The Flamboyant Geisha. When I opened this group with Saing, I didn’t realize the many Japanese Groups that were already existing. I thought I looked through enough pages to be satisfied that RB needed another one. I was mistaken. Because of that faux-pas, I decided to change the name of the group to The Flamboyant Fashion and Flash of the Female. This decision came after I was inspired by a style that seemed too brief for anyone of this era to enjoy. I looked through the groups to see if there was such a group and saw one; however, I still didn’t wish to make the field that narrow. Please get familiar with the guidelines and join in.

With it being a new month, I have started the habit of submitting work to my site at the beginning of each. I have a number of new pieces and am pleased with the outcome of most of them. I am still scanning them and will have them posted by tomorrow after noon. My goal to finish the Black and White Lolitas, The Precious Treasures, Sugar and Spice, and The Portraits Full of Posies to complete 4 calendars. J have also been doing some avante garde works on Alice and Wonderland. These also have been my favorites to date. I cannot tell you how many works I have trashed to get to this point. I think I have become a little nit-picky about art…but then again, don’t we all?

Incidentally, speaking of inspiration, one of my hopes is to view and hear the comments of others in an exhibit of my work. Yesterday while in the office, one of the elderly residents from which I am employed became entranced while watching me draw. She asked to see my journal. I was only too willing for her to see. As she slowly turned each page, she shared one comment or two (as people do – you know what I mean), but then there was this sound. The sort of sound that most artists hope to read in the comments but no one hardly ever writes. She actually gasped! SHE GASPED! The other comments, albeit glowing, paled in comparison to that gasp. When she finished the 20-30 pages, she sighed as if she had finished an 8 course meal. That was the most satisfying I had ever been with anyone reviewing my work with all of its mistakes and some hadn’t seen an eraser yet.

[Sigh] its going to be a good month. :)

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