I’ve cleaned out most of my stuff from RB … my little bit to help the infrastructure, so to speak. I deleted all but 36 of my 180 artworks, most of my writing, most of my journals and all my bubblemails.

If they change the activity monitor to the newer cluttered version as threatened, I’ll be gone. This is the final proof … I am not part of the human race. I like simplicity and order. I do not lilke clutter and ever-changing bandwidth-wasting random “picks” of works appearing on what is supposed to “MY BUBBLE”. Seems to me things are changing so that it is “Their Bubble” and not mine anymore.

In the past I preferred RB over deviantArt because dA had too much clutter … but they have been simplifying over the last few months (and they allow me to choose whether I want to see recent activity or random picks) so hey, I have a place to go.

So for the time being I’ll keep a few of my favourite works here … I actually want to have only 10 at a time … it’s hard to weed out the last 26, haha! I’ve left most of my groups … I wasn’t submitting to them much in any case.

As for my hosting duties at Fractal Frenzy … that’s what I’m so tired of, really. I’m fed up with people uploading 9 images on one day. I pity the poor souls, they can’t read. But I’m not going to police them anymore. If they want to flood the group, so be it. Fractal Frenzy has 3 other hosts … I’m taking some time off, guys.

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