Very Quick Chaoscope Tut

This is a very short run-through to get you going using Chaoscope – a free 3D Strange Attractor renderer …

Open it, go File → New
Choose Julia as type, render “Light” or “Plasma” and choose a size that fits nicely on your screen :) I work with 800×600 for previewing, and change that later when I want to render.

You then get an empty grey window … press F3 until you get something that looks interesting
Then turn it by left-click and dragging in the window
You can move it with Shift-Left-Click-dragging
And Zoom by Ctrl-Left-Click-dragging

There should be a box called “Attractor” visible with sliders … slide those around and see what happens :)

The “Iterations” value defines the quality of the render … so keep it low for previewing but when you’re ready for a high quality render, add a couple of 0’s at the end :)

You can change the size in the “view” box .. remember to press enter after changing a value otherwise it’ll just change back when you’re not looking :)

Once you’re happy with the preview, press F4 to render it … Once it’s done you can go File → Save image as … and voila :)

And then experiment with the other “render” options and the other “Type” options. There’s some cool stuff to be found :D

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