Making grass with the Poser Hair Room - Tutorial

I don’t have time yet for a full-scale tut but I’ll tell you my basic process, maybe that’ll help :)

Normally when I want grass I’m using a pre-made set downloaded from somewhere … it seems to look nicest when the surface is not perfectly flat … Infinity cove ground, already morphed with bumps, noise, mounds, whatever – works nicely.

I load all my poser figures first, do the poses as normal. Then I select the object that the grass has to grow on, and click the Hair Room tab.

Make sure the object is still selected, then click “New Growth Group”. Give it a name, click ok. Then click “Edit Growth Group”. Everything in the scene should now turn a very dark grey / black and you should get a new tool dialog called the “Group Editor”. It has two buttons at the top, one with a + and one with a – on. Click the + button, and then click on your object where you want grass to grow. (This part sometimes doesn’t seem to work right, and it selects some other figure or part of a figure … then you have to repeat these steps, don’t know why … I muddle through and eventually I get it right ;) )

So if it’s working right you’ll be able to select polygons in red on your object. Only select as much as you need to make your scene work, because too much hair/grass really eats up system resources!

Once you have everything in red that you want (you can de-select with the – button) you can close the “Group Editor” (colours will reset to normal). Then go click “Grow Guide Hairs” button. A few hairs should appear where you selected the polygons.

You can change the length, how even they are, should they bend down or sideways … experiment with those sliders :)

Under “Styling Controls” … change the “Verts per hair” value from 20 to around 5 … that’s usually good for grass. The # verts determine how smoothly the strand can curve, but it also takes a lot more memory and processing power to handle many verts.

You will also need to play with the “Hair Density” value … too little, and your grass will look really sad … too much, and your computer will probably choke :) If you want you can check the “show populated” box to see how it would look with all the hairs / grasses.

For grass it’s useful to change the root and tip widths … in Hunters I had the root width 10 and tip width 6.8 …

Basically just play with the values until you get the look you want.

When you’re done, click “Calculate Dynamics” and go have a cup of coffee ;)

When it’s done you can leave the hair room and go play with the material settings, which is also a lot of fun ;)

And that’s basically it :D

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