Quick Julia tutorial for Apo3D

I just had to write this out for someone on deviantArt so I thought I’d post it here too:

I work with Apophysis 3D hack so you need to go download it if you don’t have it already…

Edit: And you’ll need the Apophysis plugin pack to use some of the variations I mention…

What I do is I go through the randomly generated flames until I find one with a colour scheme that I like.

Then …

Press F4 to open the transform editor.
Click the “New Blank Flame” button (far left on the toolbar)
You get a single red triangle, that is Transform 1
Find the “variations” tab on the right, change linear3D to 0 and julia3Dz to 1
You should now have a perfect circle on your preview.

Click the “Add new transform” button (second from left, green + )
You get a yellow triangle, Transform 2
Change its variations values same as for Transform 1 (linear3D 0, julia3dz 1)
You now should still have a perfect circle on your preview…

Now find the “triangle” tab on the right
Use the little arrow buttons and move Transform 2 up a few times, right a few times
Then click the button with a small triangle on it (there’s a box next to it with 125 in) .. this scales the Transform down … keep doing that until you get a nice pattern in your preview

Now on the “variables” tab find the julia3dz value and play around with it, you can use values like -6, -4, -2 etc to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc … it makes quite a difference to the pattern

Now add another Transform like in part (B) but in stead of changing its julia3dz value, play with Bubble until you get a result that you like. You can also add a tiny bit of Blur.

Add another Transform, linear3d 0, and play with Butterfly values until you like it. Or at this point actually play with each of the possible variations and see what effect they have.

You’ll notice that your flame only has one colour. So close the Transform editor. Back in the main window, go Flame → Calculate color values. If you don’t like the color scheme, go edit it (press F6, find a gradient you like …)

Optionally, go back to the Transform Editor (F4) and click the FX button (far right on the toolbar). This adds a Final Transform (white triangle) … once again, make linear3d 0, and play with the other variations to see what effect they have. Also scale it and move it, it makes a huge difference to the final result

And that’s more or less my process :) I hope this was helpful!

PS. You can also use this for Apo 2.08, just substitute julia3dz for julian or juliascope. And linear3d for linear etc. The basic concepts stay the same, so does the interface :)

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