My Head hurts

Ah, ever approaching Samhain, The veil between worlds is at its thinnest. In Awe i stand Captivated by the full moon shinning through the dew covered trees as i watch a feint mist flow through the courtyard. I stand and stare as if i was looking into another world. Little shapes passing through with no physical form. A blur of being trying to reach out to me. Little thoughts of disbelief circle about my head, the more i want to know the truth, the more melancholy my feelings become.

More! there must be more! This place is too absurd! I pay my bills i wash my car I play my games. Is this my adventure? The longer i stare the more real it becomes. The media’s influence telling me i am crazy. I smile and gaze knowing i will know in the end.

The more i try to accept, the more my head hurts. Thank you modern world, thank you. I thank you for the preservation of mysticism and freedom of thought.

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