Millenium Thing

This little poem was written back in late ’99 when all the hype about the millennium bug was around. As we all know now, it was an anticlimax, but controversial at the time. This has never been published anywhere and very few people have seen it. (that might be just as well) Even though, I thought it could be good for a bit of a nostalgic laugh. Hope you like it, even just a little.

Millennium Thing

At midnight on the last day of nineteen ninety nine,
This world we are told will begin to decline.
A little thing is due to hatch then you see
But no one is sure just what results there will be.

Seven four sevens could fall from the sky,
Maybe F one elevens won’t even fly.
Horses might as well be not in a race,
‘Cos the TAB won’t be able to keep with the pace.

Power stations may grind to halt with a groan,
Maybe we won’t be able to talk on a phone.
The latest cars probably won’t start
Trade ‘em in, you’re joking they’ll be worth not a fart.

If all the satellites out there ping off into space
I’d like to see the look on the Telstra Boards’ face.
With all this technology nature’s still in control,
But boffins keep building it ‘cos they’re on a roll.

Dollars would be better spent feeding hungry masses,
But I fear governments will keep acting like asses.
Jobs are declining, our youth with nothing to do
And it probably won’t stop ‘till we’re to our necks in the poo.

This little thing is known as 2KY,
Sounds like a radio station, and they too may die.
When this thing hatches it won’t be organic
Lives in computers, won’t bosses panic.

The faces of people in cities and towns,
Show the strain of modern living, they mostly wear frowns.
Could it be that this thing means the end of our race,
Not on your Sweet Nellie, could be our saving grace.

Without pollution and bright city lights,
I believe we could see more starry nights.
If it all happens it could be a boon
To our poor old planet, she’s crackin’ up far too soon.

We’re all waiting to see the problems it’ll bring,
If and when this bug starts doing it’s thing.
Technology may crash back to the start of this century,
I’m beginning to think, well, that’ll do me!

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