My sweet daughter, in her excitement over halloween, asked me about some of the nocturnal ghoulies in the halloween stories she is reading. In her sweet little pink sparkling world, the inky black that stalks the night is stark contrast to the images she keeps in her pristine heart. Her mother, damaged and stained, struggled to put a friendly spin on the haunting and bloodthirsty tales that sustain me. Difficult to explain why a vampire’s teeth must be so sharp, and why a ghost would turn its back on heaven to find those that had wronged it in life. After all, aren’t people supposed to turn the other cheek? Forgive those that trespass against us? Apologize for stepping on their toe, much less rip out their hearts?
For the sake of her future image of me (less gallant a reason than to do the right thing) I soft pedaled the grisly images to help her candy coat her soft, fluffy sweet smelling world. I am the last one to dump a potful of ink into her cotton candy heart.
I love you Lucy… I hope that you will know that, even when the world shows you it’s ugly side.

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