Barbara Brown

Sacramento, United States

Barbara Brown is a mental health professional and an avid photographer. She lives in northern California and enjoys nature and all types...

Hello everyone in NYIP group

I have just noticed and joined the group. I am a recent enrollee in NYIP. I have always loved taking photographs. Got my first Brownie as a child and became the family photographer. I bought my first SLR in my 20’s and attempted to learn all I could by reading and experimenting. However, raising three children relegated me to family photographer again. With my children grown and the digital age, I am endeavoring to learn as much as possible and create beautiful pictures. ( I am still the family photographer however!) I have taken numerous aduld ed classes and decided I really want to get serious. I have just completed the number 2 course and am heading out this week to Monterey California to complete the assignments. I know I have a lot to learn and am anxious to learn all I can. I, (unfortunately) have another career as an administrator for mental health programs that leaves me little time to devote to my passion and look forward to someday having time to be there to capture the light that I love.

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