Barbara Brown

Sacramento, United States

Barbara Brown is a mental health professional and an avid photographer. She lives in northern California and enjoys nature and all types...


Sad, but participation is down on RB. Fewer comments, less participation in groups. I have seen it in my own works and in my groups. There are numerous reasons for this which I won’t go into at this time. However, the reaction of many people is to become more regimented, you must participate in group forums, you must vote in the challenges, you must let us know you voted or that you will be away, and so forth. For me, this only adds to the problem. I, for one, dislike regimentation and being told what I have to do to remain a member of the group. I cannot remember (maybe old age) what every group requires and have made the decision, to avoid frustration that I certainly don’t need, to resign from groups that become too regimented and that have too many extraneous rules. Life delivers too many frustrations as it is, I don’t need to look for more here. I guess the purpose of this journal entry is to ask people to think about their reactions. To gain participation I would suggest a more accepting and inclusive stance rather than a more rigid and judgmental stance. There are many groups that I have enjoyed that I am now considering leaving and I feel really bad about that. I love the hosts and the people I have met on RB but just don’t feel that my time and energy can be spent on memorizing every new regimentation of every group. I want to have fun and enjoy the wonderful people here. And, personally, I am not one who likes regimentation in any arena. Just my thoughts and observations. Would like to know your thoughts and reactions. Just be nice! : ))

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