Hello Friends straight and gay Thanks for the best adviceDATING LIFE AND MEN


Brissie guys keep your names sealed. No I am not working for Mc’donalds, the David Letterman show. Teaching possibly os or graduating here very soon……Briliant furture…..still thinkiong of a perfect man ois —there were kind of a few…..but ats along and confusing story culture wars and clashes-mor elike new ways…..one QANTAS ticket and a world opens up…..ahm ahm

I am stoked that even 20 people have read my blog. I’m a newbie. Lost most naivety in Mlebourne though.

Please comment or email away, well not away as much as to me. Begging I know smiling-well more smirking back.

Then I met this bro drumming away like Sado drumers going solo and no rythm stick excepyt the palms…and it was all a noble effort. Ful thumbs up. Gave chaage and he deserved notes.

Talk about enlivening the dark seasonally affeceted streets and Mlebournes blank stares. Starkbucks swanstown steret is areta reterat and meting place for travelers on Swanstown styret down from RMIT and state libray-very student friendly, all abit yelow in quality student way, diverse people all, oprganic cofee and fair rade and all pc an dgreta real genuine service, very warm in the cold guys. Must go for coffee in the city. A definete must. ask soomeone for aseta or wait as Mlebourne pople love that too.

Look up .Those scarves with long thick wool are neccisty. i love ablunstone boot too. Beauty in the leaves still though. even empty tres look beutiful and sparse and phtogarphic. especilay around 5.30 ste librray real beuty and fine photo idea. Filing it away for future reference. Good memory for a vague one.

Great gospel in public space Fed square tonight -talk about divine moves and rhtyhms and tributes.

Anyways, Brisbane Gleaming clean Glen, and really Neal music man and all you guys from those boarding hours and uni days I’m raving about the best ideas we shared-boy did we share…………..words smiles and more………….drunk and late nights in front of rage raving aways without kegs but beer and often coffee not speed…We did give greta critiques -of the music.

Enough blurbing, it’s blogging not blurbing or rambling unpoeticaly


1) Actually give a toss what the guy says and don’t try to change him

2)Forget belitlting him or evil words to control him even if some do believe the rumors- most vile rumors are vbelived lok at tabloids but smart ones sometime splay along and others spite is more subtedly expressed an dcharcetr reveiled in nasty speak and hate speak in extreme cases… Though some rumors have a grain of truth-if you are in entertainment maybe. Most poeple know the good words by exmaples if they take the time to know you- My dad told me thta one.

3)Look for your mouse on every corner, forget the rats leave them to nibling away …….. . Have that final beer with a good friend, even if you are down to your last dollars. Did get picked up at the airport in Korea. Anyways that was by a car and man-not se xually- those of you with sleazy depraved minds……….

4) Marriage, dating, and couples don’t have to be boring. But l also don’t have to be sleazy vultures to the vunerable like half pint pawns. Sex isn’y power. Knowledge is.
Fells increduiible though-Young and Saul…….

5) learn some Aussie sport and keep weraing those speedos swimming if you are not in the Olympics trying to be sponsored and aerodoymic…..greta for the breadth and legs and arms and overall power fitness wise………….no your arse does not liook big in those sluggos but turn around……………mmmmmmmmmm

6) Remember even those that tretaed you with direspect, liars and see their evil manipulations. Some liars do have good intentions but often selfish excuse and poor form. Blame it on postmodernism and confsing rhetoric.

7) Party hard and don’t die young. Believe in something, if not establishment then something verging on Faith and music an life and areal friend words and honesty and all

8) Don’’t let your parents get away with lies and deciept and bad advice. i know respect your p[arents does not mean be ther doormat. Punish them until they give decent consort. Thanks Mary and pilot man-greta lastr cofee by the way.

9) Follow your heart is for girls and romantic manilualting plastics, follow your gut and saty with the force Luke, or wiseer quen in the clas. I luv that one-many do or should

One last word-I agree know Jane-yes:
( rather marry a man for what is between the legs and the way his body moves than anyhting else-that was a female mate guys of course- now looking worse for wear but that was another liftetime and amazingly her breast are still looking good-not quite national Geographic yet!!!!!!!!bit pointed like her nose though…uno who.) SOMETIMES DOESN’T MEAN ALWAYS LIKE MAYBE IS NOT DEFINETLY: GIVE THE WOMAN THE LAST SAY…………..Going with the flow is for the young and holidays: accomplishments are reaped from the benefits of experience.

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