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Sacramento, United States

I’m a “scatter-focus” artist. ANYTHING may be here or roundabout my galleries. Expect nothing anywhere and...

Hello everyone. I’m a Sacramento artist of photography, music, writing and fractals. For cameras, I use the Nikons D90 & D80 DSLR’s & an S6000 compact, an old Minolta Maxxum 5000i SLR, and one of the first Sony HandyCam Super 8 video recorders. As a musician, I’ve been a keyboardist for about 46 years, playing professionally for about 44 years. My current keyboards are a Korg M3, Korg SH-101, and a Honer Melodica. I’ve managed to create 5 albums of original music, 3 published albums of other peoples work, and composed numerous songs that went nowhere in particular. Some of the lyrics are posted here.

You Tube Videos/Music

My music is hosted by You Tube as “videos”. They are mostly ‘images over sound’ but a few have a slide show of art you may not see in my Red Bubble portfolio.

Here’s my BigCatLenny You Tube Channel, one you can watch without joining or signing up for anything. Pop on it and you can leave comments either there or here and I will get notifications in email. Enjoy!!!

There are also some pieces I played and recorded with the band Caligator. I was NOT the sole performer on them; please keep that in mind because some fine musicians played and recorded them. But the keyboard parts were written, performed and recorded by me at my peak ability (tho you may question the word “ability”. LOL!)

As a writer, I have a small book of adult short stories, numerous poems, a few rants & essays, and the occasional unidentified rambling. :-) I use any free fractal program I can find but lean hard towards Incendia, tho Apophysis 2.09 is fantastic. I sometimes pretend to be a humorist so humour me. :-D


I haven’t found a ‘solo subject’ that captures my full interest or attention as a “specialty” so my art ranges from ‘light paintings’ to computer graphics to the moon to ambient sounds – literally. Basically, I’ve shot or recorded anything I’ve seen or heard. There’s a smattering of a few things I can’t even see without macro photography and a few things I can’t hear cuz I’m half deaf in the ear I can hear out of. Whether it’s out there or between my ears, I may have it online…somewhere. ;-)

Should you or anyone you know be interested in something I’ve produced, I’d love to hear from you and will gladly personalize any purchase. Also, titles are put on art the way you see them in Red Bubble, but if a title bugs you but you want the piece, I’ll make a non-public title more to your liking. ;-)

Thanks for coming to my profile page and reading. :-) (Of course I’m assuming you’re reading or you wouldn’t be reading this). Please also enjoy my Galleries where it’s easier to find my art by categories:

Wildlife ~ Anything wild and free that knows no bounds

Weedy Field ~ This is a wonderful piece of undeveloped land between office buildings where the wildlife and I share a special relationship.

Birds ~ Birds of my neighbourhood, the woods, mountains, and shores are here.

Water ~ I have a special fascination for water in all forms.

Structures ~ Anything manmade might be found in here.

Flowers ~ Some of the first images I shot as a semi-professional photographer were flowers.

Fractals ~ Computer art using a small mountain of freeware programs.

Animals of the Nevada County Faire ~ Some of the fun sights at the 2008 faire

Mushrooms, lichen and other life ~ While the first two subjects in this group are obvious, the last one will be anything that doesn’t fit in other lifeform groups.

The Face-To-Face Series ~ …a collection of my encounters with life that seems to take an interest in MY face as much as I take in THEIRS! Caution: some faces only a mother could love!!!! (Some say ‘mine included!’)

Images From Graveyards Of The West ~ Some of the area’s most unique past respectfully captured mostly in black & white. They are shown here for historic and artistic reasons; they aren’t for sale.

The Empire Mine: Gold Mining From California’s Gold Rush Era ~ Exactly what it sounds like: Gold Country history with a focus on the rich Empire Mine – where gold still exists as before!

Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • Age: 62
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don't read things i already knew

don’t read things i already knew
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Never throw away your old cell phones!

Never throw away your old cell phones! I don’t how they do it but they can be recycled by your favourite charity. You can also use them to call 911 in emergencies. / But if all else fails, you can still have the games you lost when you upgraded your phone but only missed when sitting on the toilet at work.
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Them Changes (song title from Buddy Miles)

Life changes… / No, not that sort, you twits out there. :-) But maybe as challenging in the long run anyway. And as usual, not all are “bad” or “good”, simply changes in abundance. Some I can talk about, others I can’t yet. Here are the ones I can. / Just when I thought my Internet connection was changed for the better forever (from landline to WiFi with a…
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The Trials and Tribulations Of... (well, you know!) New YouTube Videos

Months and months of working to salvage a very bad video have come to a close with Got Gull?. This is not to be seen as a “work of art”. It’s just a gonzo movie made with Windows Movie Maker after shooting with my Nikon D90. It’s horrible, it was supposed to be silent with captions but I seem to have left the audio track only lower in volume. The sound was even worse t…
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