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Them Changes (song title from Buddy Miles)

Life changes…

No, not that sort, you twits out there. :-) But maybe as challenging in the long run anyway. And as usual, not all are “bad” or “good”, simply changes in abundance. Some I can talk about, others I can’t yet. Here are the ones I can.

Just when I thought my Internet connection was changed for the better forever (from landline to WiFi with a new cell phone service), the cell posed new obsticals. Free unlimited Internet is nice when you don’t need it quickly. Or using the sort of bandwidth required to upload much more than a small image. There’s always the ‘Internet cafe’ available by finding a wifi hotspot but there isn’t one in range of my apartment complex. And until I get on a STRONG signal, uploading photographs or fractals by Android cell phone is almost impossible. There’s a backlog of about 30 images/fractals I have finished so I’m not AWOL from Red Bubble; I’m sorta AWACR: absent with a crummy reason. Not quite FUBAR but GIGO. The former acronym was popularized by the movie Saving Private Ryan and would require I use the more familiar acronym NSFW. The latter is old geek-speak: “garbage in, garbage out”, meaning a mountain of garbage comes into the cell by the hour but I can’t get my OWN garbage out. LOL! Then there’s the issue that I can type SYMPTE by hunt-and-peck with the best of them… on a standard sized keyboard. Tapping on a tiny screen I can’t see well with my huge fingers looming over it is not even vaguely similar. It’s like playing a very small piano with all the keys in the right places. You “just” have to make the tiny vital mental shift to remember they aren’t under your fingers like they used to be. When I used to roller blade a lot, organized distance skates would have leaders telling the pack when to “skate skinny”, ie not side-by-side or swinging your arms like you were losing your balance (even if you were losing your balance). However, ‘typing skinny’ is just a tad harder than kissing pavement at 15mph from falling off your skates. There are days when I can do it so fast I’m certain I’m breaking my own speed records. Then there are the other 364 days a year. A meaningless medication palsy becomes four strange characters instead of a “b”. A submit box becomes a discard box or a FAQ button or another webpage. Just when I thought I was gonna freakin SCREAM from frustration, I realized my newly created Bluetooth home network of computers can bypass the entire ‘little letters’ problem: just type on a laptop and send the text file to the cell phone, open it with an Android app, select all the text, copy all the text, open the miniscule field for inserting things like this journal entry, paste the text, find the tiny submit button on the tiny screen of the tiny cell phone, and hope your fingertip didn’t hit anything else by mistake. If it did, you just go back and redo the last three steps until you get it right. Right now I’m in the ‘typing on the laptop’ stage (which also has the advantage of spell checking within the same program). As soon as I find out if this digital Rubic’s Cube works for me the first time I’ll let you know. See? I truly AM making this up as I go along.

{Back to the changes, Lenny} Oh, yeah.

Stress is my latest lover. I had a professional ‘therapudic deep tissue’ massage a few days ago and I discovered I didn’t even remember where I left all my stressed out body parts. Being told to relax some place I forgot about slows a massage down massively. I think I slept off most of the agony I DO remember during that wonderful terror yet I have no illusions the witch has jilted me.

Mucho time is now dedicated to the first volunteer work I have done for years: learning how to be a shop steward. I’m told being one takes even more time. My numerous outlets for creative work are about to be whittled down to one or two so I can do them well instead of spreading my time out more widely. Red Bubble will always remain my primary online home. There are so many other great websites like Blue Canvas, Meetup.com (A fantastic way to get connected with local people who share an interest. Mine were photography groups), Model Mayhem, YouTube, and a host of others. I will miss regularly interacting with all but here and YouTube where my videos gather cyber dust-bunnies under their creaking frames. LOL!

It’s getting shorter between birthdays. It’s gotta be that… I’ve finally gotten used to wearing my bifocals even tho one joker called me Poindexter and my group therapy has me taking them off so I don’t look as non-approachable. What’s wrong with being unapproachable if I don’t like touching other humans, I wonder. Oh well, I go to learn how to better deal with interpersonal relationships; I’d best get used to all of it.

New software I’m using is quite enjoyable. Portrait Professional fills the ‘missing element’ in my photography editing: it does an intuitive scan of the human body in a photograph (tho it’s primarily for faces) and offers the options of changing things like wind-blown hair, half-closed eyes, uneven skin tones (which I’m a master of catching when neglected to notice shadows, and camera distortions. I’m no longer looking at portrait photography as The Evil Necessity. Full version is free for permanent trial with a watermark but the unlocked program costs so little I don’t wanna have all of you running out and snapping it up before I get some paid gigs out of it. ;-) Aexion’s Incendia 1.5 is pure magic and actually taught me how to use much of what was there in the previous versions. But this updated version adds quicker speed, smoother rendering, more baseshapes, and additional algorithms to the mix. Sweet! And of course Oloneo’s PhotoEngine is working its way into even the most subtle of photographs as my hand gets lighter on the controls.

The musical performance with the Humperheads last weekend was one of the most gratifying experiences of a career I sussed (forever?). The new keyboard performed like the highest end of pro gear available and made up for my complete lack of movement onstage. I couldn’t even lift it in or out of the van without help except the last time. And that move didn’t require lifting as much as ‘controlled falling’ on to a hand truck. Pix should be up on Buck Love & The Humperheads website or links elsewhere. The photographer was superb and there were at least 4 others as well. Woo hoo!

Time for me to see if I can follow my own instructions for posting this. If I’m lucky I may even get a photograph to slide thru the net too. Or not. Thanks for following the drama that is my soap opera that hasn’t been cancelled yet. Stay tuned. ;-)

Be happy and be well.

PS. That convoluted text transfer worked! Well, woopie. :-D

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