Lenny La Rue, IPA

Sacramento, United States

I’m a “scatter-focus” artist. ANYTHING may be here or roundabout my galleries. Expect nothing anywhere and...

Alrighty then, I can eat now...

After almost 8 straight hours of work in here, I’ve created galleries with the best of my work categorized for easier… (uh, what word do I want? I really should stop right now and look it up but I’m just a bit too tired to figure out how to rephrase that train wreck of a first sentence. And it really bites when you’re a writer and you can’t figure out how to write cuz you’re so tired from constant typing, dragging and dropping, editing, re-editing, re-titling, and not eating or drinking all day. It used to be like this when I was composing and recording an album but those days were supposed to be over when I got older. LOL! Just look at me now. Well, actually, don’t look; I’m appearing rather shabby at the moment. I think I shaved, tho I’m not quite sure where. The sun must have risen and gone down like it usually does. The world had its births and deaths, fire and ice, earthquakes and…insert something else contrasting or interesting here for me, OK?)

The galleries. Yeah, that’s what I was going to talk about. They aren’t actually done yet but I’m announcing them anyway so I can get off the floor and try to wash enough dishes so I can try to eat something on them. I think there’s a half jar of sweet pickles in the fridge. Does that count as food? It might if I eat the whole half. Hey, I won’t even need to do dishes if I can find a plastic fork. I get a lot of them from fast food places just in case I want to eat a pile of pickles instead of washing a REAL fork. Besides, California’s in a drought so I really shouldn’t wash dishes and waste water until I REALLY REALLY REALLY have to.

I think I’m dizzy but I can’t tell while I’m sitting down and I’m too tired to stand up. That’s OK cuz I can crawl to the fridge and feel around for the sweet pickles. That could be a bit dangerous because I don’t know what else is in there and it might reach back at me. (sigh) I think I’m going to say I’m on a diet for today and go to sleep. I’ll probably dream of fractals teasing water-covered wildlife under a bridge at the faire while birds watch movies of Weedy Field.


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