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A Major Milestone Reached and Passed

I have all of you to thank and numerous others who passed thru on their ways elsewhere. I have my mentors, both online and offline, to thank for all the tips and guidance with my photography, now reaching 1 1/2 years of sheer bliss. Thanks need to be sent out to so many who encouraged me when I was feeling rough, either personally or professionally, and it has been an extremely rough last few months. And most important of all, I thank God for all the abilities He has placed in my care for my lifetime, basically stuff to help show off the wild and wonderful work He does each and every day.

Thanks to all because I reached and passed 10,000 viewers in my Red Bubble site – a site I joined in February of this year. It’s stunning to see the vast difference moving from what was basically a community-oriented site to an artists-oriented site has boosted the interest in my work. There was barely mention of my photography as art in places like Flickr and Yahoo Photos. Yet here in Red Bubble, I’ve been both encouraged as a newbie photographer and sold my first pieces!

I realize that Red Bubble is not stagnant and will evolve over time. Members will come and go. Groups will be replaced by other groups. But thru all the changes beyond the horizon, I plan to remain right here in Red Bubble, the place I have been so warmly welcomed and so generously appreciated.

All of you are wonderful!
Lenny La Rue, IPA

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