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New Chapter, New Subject

Hello Kind Readers. Today marks the beginning of a new aspect to my photography, the images of graves, graveyards, and the things associated with both. If not for Red Bubble, I’d have kept any photographs of this topic in a private section of my personal galleries at home. But seeing the wonderful captures from at least one of the RB groups has inspired me to both take more shots and to publish them here. While the deaths of people are not the things we often find as casual as a photograph of a lizard eating a bug, the images their graves present is another story and one that deserves to be shared.

The principle place I will be using is the very old graveyard at the edge of the downtown area of Sacramento, California. It is a national historic site due to many of the graves known to be here. California being the state that fostered the Gold Rush in 1849, numerous pioneers passed thru (or passed away in!) Sacramento so some are buried here in well-marked tombs. There are also hundreds of Veterans of many wars from the Spanish American War up to and including recent Gulf Wars.

For me to be able to do this, I had to make some compromises. It’s not an issue with my religious faith but I find it a bit distasteful for me to be asking for money with any of these photographs. Don’t get me wrong: I find nothing wrong with anyone else doing so if they choose to. But for me, I can’t wrap myself around the concept of collecting anything from the deaths of these people except something that was left to remind us of their departure. A photograph seems like one of the most fitting tributes possible as long as I don’t personally gain from it. So, all the shots in this series will be listed as “for sale” in case anyone wants one but there will be a zero profit margin for me from their purchase, making them the baseline price that Red Bubble asks.

Also, in my religion, death of the body isn’t all that big a deal – unless it’s someone I loved and then it sucks even if my religion says I should rejoice. This means I have absolutely nada concern for the physical bodies under these monuments but I have a deep reverence for the persons who inhabited them. Nevertheless, being in the graveyard does present some of the most hysterical images I’ve seen thru my lens to date so please don’t feel I’m disrespectful for the lives ended when I point those facts out in these images! I’m just maintaining the gifts God gave me for honesty, laughter, reflection, and documentation. If something appears to be in bad taste, please let me know in BubbleMail and I’ll see if I see your point and need to make a change somewhere. This may be edgy material and the odds of me knowing when and where it’s disturbing for the entire world’s population are zip. But I’m sensitive to all people’s feelings and will read and consider each piece of mail with concerns I receive.

OK, all that said, here’s to a beginning for me. Hope it brings you something worthy of your precious time on earth ABOVE the ground.

Be well. Literally.
Lenny La Rue

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