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I’m a “scatter-focus” artist. ANYTHING may be here or roundabout my galleries. Expect nothing anywhere and...


Them Changes (song title from Buddy Miles)

Life changes……

No, not that sort, you twits out there. :-) But maybe as challenging in the long run anyway. And as usual, not all are “bad” or “good”, simply changes in abundance. Some I can talk about, others I can’t yet. Here are the ones I can.

Just when I thought my Internet connection was changed for the better forever (from landline to WiFi with a new cell phone service), the cell posed new obsticals. Free unlimited Internet is nice when you don’t need it quickly. Or using the sort of bandwidth required to upload much more than a small image. There’s always the ‘Internet cafe’ available by finding a wifi hotspot but there isn’t one in range of my apartment complex. And until I get on a STRONG signal, uploading photographs or fractals by Android cell phone is almost impossibl

The Trials and Tribulations Of... (well, you know!) New YouTube Videos

Months and months of working to salvage a very bad video have come to a close with Got Gull?. This is not to be seen as a “work of art”. It’s just a gonzo movie made with Windows Movie Maker after shooting with my Nikon D90. It’s horrible, it was supposed to be silent with captions but I seem to have left the audio track only lower in volume. The sound was even worse than the video, if that’s even possible, and it’s bizarre. A stupid idea: feed gulls by hand while they fly by. It was fostered by an ‘accidental feeding’ in San Francisco when an unannounced gull dive-bombed my hand with the remains of a sandwich on it. That time I got repeatedly hit by sharp beaks as every single bird seemed to misjudge the dive.…

This time I was armed with a loaf of fresh bread and some 20-30 gulls e

Still alive & kickin...

…tho it may not seem that way. LOL! Life got busier and Internet access got more limited. (This message comes via Droid cell phone). Not shooting much but editing and re-editing new/unreleased images given new life thru Oloneo PhotoEngine HDR.

Planning to be much more active soon. :-)

Oh! And a huge THANK YOU to those who recently purchased my art. :-D Your kindness and generosity (spelling??? Smart phones are dumb as dirt when it comes to checking spelling.) has not been overlooked. You ROCK!

Stay well and be happy, friends.

Lenny The Busy

Once again I have been shown...

…the kindness it is possible for humanity to share. :-) While dealing with depression (almost to the point of despair (even for this Christian), someone quietly purchased a photograph of mine. The image is of Sacramento’s Senator Hotel at night. It’s not a new submission nor one greatly featured. It hasn’t been viewed enough to make my Top 5. I like it a lot because it survived both my fledgling attempts with a DSLR camera and inexperienced editing technique. Still to have it sell _as a large, high-end print _ is an. immeasurable honour for a humble semi-pro photographer.…

My thanks to the wonderful patron of the arts who made the purchase. :-)

This is my third sale in as many weeks. The others were purchases by a most generous co-member and artist of Red Bubble. She has been a most suppor

Hear today...

Uh, sorta. More like ‘hear yesterday, gone tomorrow’. See? I can’t even take this loss with less puns than when Jill died (“Hide nor hare…”) :-)…

Bottom line is that the same sudden hearing loss I had years ago struck again, this time claiming most of my remaining sense of sound. I am now all but officially deaf. I can still hear some sounds but it doesn’t look like (sound like? seem like?) much more than ‘the phone that never stops ringing’. LOL!

Here is a semi-crummy explanation of the condition; mine bring the viral variety. It took about as long as it did the first time (less than 8 hours) & happened while I was asleep. Not likely a brain tumor, invisible earwax, or an earwig. (Where DID that name come from???)

I’m likely to get even bigger & stronger as I try the only common treatmen

Yet another RB loss

The number of unhappy members I’ve talked to hints that the overall number on (or used to be on) the site is big, REALLY big. I had the sad event of saying ‘so long and fair well’ to yet another tonight.

I know this is a privately owned website. Everybody does. I know the loss of highly talented artists sharing their work, encouragement and comments in Red Bubble is priceless.

Every lover-of-art body does…

Updated to May 31st, 2011

The number that left very unhappily increased by about 20 within the last few days.

Made the "vital leap". :-)

The “vital leap” being the breakthrough in learning my new musical instrument’s key live performance requirements. This is BIG since I’ve been drowning in over 900 pages of instructions/details/settings of a keyboard used by master musicians and premiere producers: a Korg M3. One of the biggest hurdles was discovering that the damned instruction manual isn’t the nearly 250-page book called the “Operation Guide” that comes with the keyboard. Nobody tells you that the REAL instruction manual is 674 pages that you need to download to even see. It’s a good thing I’m house-sitting where there’s a high-speed Internet connection or I’d STILL be downloading the 14* MB of PDF file on my dial-up service. But that last bit got me ‘over the hump’ so I can both record music written over the last …

I'm alive and checking in with my artistic family and community. :-)

Things have been both fast and furious and mind-numbingly tedious. All the drama from so many factors have out me in a space where I’m not quite sure of what I’ll be doing one moment to the next. Let’s see, I’m trying to get used to shooting my Nikons as less versatile cameras since I broke the Nikkor 18-105mm lens. Once again it was a freak accident and I was putting the camera back into the case when it slipped. I had about 3 seconds as it tumbled towards a very hard floor to try and soften the blow. I managed to completely shelter the D90 but the lens hit at a angle which shattered the UV filter. When I saw that I was immediately encouraged, I gently removed the ring and bits of glass. All looked perfect. I turned it on and heard the VR motor start, tapped the shutter button a…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait