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Lenka tries to capture positive emotions. Her work features images highlighting inner and outer beauty of various subjects. She loves...


Last week = 2 challenge wins, 3 Top Tens, and 4 features

Despite the ongoing rainy days here and the 9th leakage in our house (which took 7 days to repair it), my works continue scoring well at RB and that makes me smile!…

Chess 5: The brave one was featured in The Black and White Enthusiast

Morning snow at Ritzenspitzen, Austria was featured in A View somewhere…..

House in Nyboder, Copenhagen, Denmark was featured in Film Photography

and Spaghetti 1 was featured in Shapes & Patterns – Limit of 2 images per day

Horse at Monte Stivo, Italy won the LOOKING OVER VALLEY’S challenge in the Mountains Across the Globe group

Imperfect won the Perfectly Imperfect challenge in the The Woman Photographer group with 13 votes

Chess 4: All men lost placed in the Top Ten of the Your Best Black & White w/ Mood challenge in the Mood & Ambienc

Thank you for the [quite many] sales (and for 17 features and 7 top ten's, too!)

It’s dark and rainy here, but good news keep coming :)
Hereby I would like to thank the buyers of my works, as well as hosts of the groups for features, and voters in challenges for their votes:…

First of all, thank you very much to annamora who bought a greeting card of Hands: Beginning,

three greeting cards of With love…,

two greeting cards of Hands: Receiving,

and a calendar Hands

(I am thankful to dear Anna for pushing me a bit to finish it ;) You may want to see Anna’s wonderful portfolio, and read why she concentrates on hands more than usually these days!),

and thank you very much to an unknown buyer who just bought a mounted print of Illuminated.

Except of these RB sales, I’ve also sold a 16×24 canvas (printed by a local company) of Vrouwen van Even-Naar 2, in B&W version, two

Please help to stop discrimination at RB

Hello everybody,…

Yesterday, I came to some news that are not really that new but very shocking. Please read further and help our fellow members.

The problem: RB is experiencing too much fraud and being pushed by PayPal, they have to lower the fraud ratio asap. Unfortunately, RB’s ‘solution’ is to disallow new members from certain (many!) countries to join RB, and existing members from these countries, to buy anything from RB, including their own art.

RB claims that such a solution only affects about 1% of all sales. Unfortunately, sellers are not the same as buyers, and many a good artist and honest member of the community became discriminated by this ‘solution’ only because of his/her country of residence. Such a ‘solution’ is very impolite to members of the community from those countrie


I have just clicked on the ‘Art’ button and noticed that nice number :)

To make the information complete: the 39999 views relate to my 125 public art works, my 13 T-Shirts scored 9914 views, and my 4 calendars (3 of them very new) 216 views up to now.

Thank you very much for looking at, commenting on, and favoring my works!

Have a nice day and good light :)

Some good news again: sales, features and top ten's

Despite the lack of time to add new works to my portfolio, I still get those wonderful news to my activity feed now and then :) (though I don’t know any way how to find about challenge placings except of checking all challenges I’ve entered).…

First of all, thank you very much to chantalreuss who bought three greeting cards of With love…,

and to janeymac who bought a greeting card of Vrouwen van Even-Naar 3.

Vrouwen van Even-Naar 3

was featured in NYIP students and alumni,

Morning snow, Montafon, Austria

was featured in Dips & Trips (1 per day),

Hands: Receiving

was featured in Amazing Orton Effect,

Vrouwen van Even-Naar 7

was featured in The Dutch Connection,

Hands: Beginning

was featured in First Things and in Simply White Artwork Gallery – 95% White !,

and, last but not least,

Last three months were wonderful (and busy!): sales, features and top ten's

Looks like I’ve missed some of my features and challenge placings myself, preferring my little sweet girl (and her older siblings) to sitting at the computer! Anyway, there are still some I’ve noticed and many of them are no news anymore); here they come, if it should be only for my reference ;)…

First of all, thank you very much to the buyers of
a greeting card of Lago di Garda, in blue

and a T-Shirt of Horse from Kristberg

Lübeck, Germany

was featured in the A Garden somewhere….. group,

Hands: Health

was featured in the High Key group,

Trümmelbachfälle: cyan 2, Trümmelbachfälle: cyan 1 and Trümmelbachfälle: cyan 3

got featured in à EUROPA! group,
and Trümmelbachfälle: cyan 2 was also featured in the __First Things_ group,

At the lake

was featured in the All About Water group,


Photographs from my new series featured; and some 'Top Ten's

I am very happy about photographs from my newest series Hands of which Hands: Sharing

was featured in the European Everyday Life group as well as in the High Key group,

and Hands: Care and protection

was featured in the Stillness Speaks group.

My other photograph Trümmelbachfälle: cyan 2

was featured in the First Things group.

Some of my pictures also did well in challenges:

Tea time dreaming

scored 4th in the All Things Glass challenge of the Happy Haven group,

Lünersee, Austria

was 2nd in the Austria Group – New Avatar challenge of the Austria group,


was voted 3rd in the Wine Glass challenge of the Art of Glass group,

Industrion – strange reality

was 2nd in the Public Art Challenge of the Public Art group,

Full speed

scored 9th in the Competiton Horses challenge of th

New group: Dips & Trips

A few days ago, Tom Vaughan and me have started a new group Dips & Trips, for artworks composed of 2 or 3 complementary images presented as diptyches and triptyches. There are already many beautiful works in the group’s gallery; would you like to add your ones? (1 diptych or triptych per day)

Looking forward to meet you in the group!
Have a nice day and good light :)

Eight features and four Top Ten's

It’s like a stream and I like to flow on it :)…

My photograph Imperfect

scored 4th place in the Glass *Quick Challenge* of the The Woman Photographer group,

Water and flowers

was featured in the Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence! Group,

Chess 8: Royal family

got featured in the Photography 101 group after being critiqued in the group’s How am I doing? forum,

With love…

scored in the Top Ten of the Hands challenge in the Capturing Emotion group (and was picked up as a cover picture for the challenge),

Tea time dreaming

scored in the Top Ten of the April Avatar challenge in the Art of Glass group and got featured in the group together with my other glass photograph, Imperfect (see above),

and Imperfect (yes, again!) together with Chess 9: First move

were featured in the Still Life ~ P

Three features, and three 'Top Ten's

I’m having very busy and interesting time just now, trying to figure out if a part-time career in photography here in the Netherlands could work for me… Not much time to add new works to my RB portfolio (and I can’t do too much anyway before some house-keeping on my computer will be finished, because both my harddisks got totally full!) but it seems like my works submitted earlier are still doing well:…

Tea time dreaming

was featured in the Photography 101 group last month after making it to the Top Ten of Experimental Photography: More than meets the eye! challenge:

At the lake

was featured in The Beauty of the European Waters group three weeks ago, and once more in the same group last week, together with my other images Trümmelbachfälle: cyan 1 and Trümmelbachfälle: cyan 2

after sco

First sale!

Big thank you to the unknown buyer who has bought a greeting card of Eiger about two weeks ago! I hope you will like it :)

I was away for one and half week at the end of February/begin March, with no chance to get to a computer (and very busy the whole week after with no bubbling again…), so I missed it completely! Unfortunately, if there was an email from RedBubble with an information about this sale, it probably got to my spam folder that is deleted automatically (I’d like to know who the buyer was!).

Have a nice day and good light :)
Lenka (very happy :))

"At the lake" featured on the RB homepage!

What a great surprise today! I went to check my Activity feed and was surprised by the unusual number of new comments (10) and favorites (14) on my photograph At the lake

(normally I quickly go through the list and open the links in new tabs, and only after that I read the comments and check for new works… that’s why I didn’t know immediately :)) and on the page 3, there was the reason:

It is my first work featured on the homepage (and I missed it there!), and it feels great :)

Thanks for featuring, and thanks for your comments and favs, you’ve made my day :)

Seven recent features

Thanks to the hosts of the groups that have featured my works recently:…


was featured in the Still Life and Food Photography Group:

“With love… ":http://www.redbubble.com/people/lenka/art/98256...

was featured in the Valentines and Hearts Group (for the second time):

Winter road, Jizera mountains, Czech Republic

was featured in the NYIP Students and Alumni group after being voted the most popular entry in the Cold challenge (I really haven’t expected there will be just a few submissions):

At the lake

became featured in the All Countries ~ Wetlands, Ponds, Lakes and Rivers Group:

Full speed

was featured in The Woman Photographer 2 Per 24hrs* Group:

and also in the Natural Color and Light Group:

and, last but not least, Illuminated

got featured in the People a

Yay, 10000 views :)

I’ve just noticed the counter shows 10001 views for my art (with another 3288 for T-Shirts)!
Big thank you to you all, and especially to those of you taking the time to support me by your comments and giving me the honor of favoriting my works; I appreciate it very much!…

Just for the record, my most viewed works up to now are Imperfect (535 views, 36 comments and 22 favoritings), With love… [T-Shirt] with 519 views, Illuminated (496 views, 35 comments and 9 favoritings), Illuminated [T-Shirt] with 443 views, At the lake (415 views, 34 comments and 15 favoritings), Lago di Garda, view from Monte Stivo with 414 views, and With love… (both variants together having 407 views, 15 comments and 6 favoritings). Quite spread in genre, in fact, but pretty much in line with my intention to share the

"Her eyes" and "Chess 3: Dame's last word" featured

First of all, I hope you all had a good start into this new year!

It was a nice ‘welcome back’ at RB when coming back after Christmas holidays: I have found that my photograph Her eyes

was featured in the High Key Group :

and my photograph Chess 3: Dame’s last word

was featured in the Amateur Photographers’ Association Group :

Thanks to the hosts of the groups, and to all my RB friends, and wishing you all the best for the days to come :)

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