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Merry Christmas

Tomorrow, we are leaving the Netherlands where we currently live, for holidays in the Czech Republic, my country. I hope to have some quiet, peaceful days with my husband, my children, and meet our dear family members that are living in CZ (and maybe even some snow, who knows!) :) I guess I won’t be able to get online most of the days in next two weeks, so I apologize for absence of my comments on your new works in advance… I’ll try to go briefly through those long lists when I’m back :)
Last but not least:

Merry Christmas to you, my dear friends, and a Happy New Year!


PS: I’m glad I was able to finish my Chess calendar just before leaving, hope you’ll like it :)

"Waterfall on Jedlova brook" featured; and a short story behind the photograph...

What a nice surprise today: my photograph Waterfall on Jedlova brook

became featured in the Live, Love, Dream Group :

Thanks to the hosts of the group, and thanks to all of you for commenting on my work – it’s much appreciated!

This is one of my photographs with a story behind them, on ‘making of…’:

In September 2007, we went to Hejnice, an ancient pilgrim place in Jizera mountains, Czech Republic. I wanted to photograph waterfalls, that’s why we made a trip to the valley of Jedlova brook.

There’s a parking place just at the lower end of the valley. From the parking place, a nice broad walking path leads to the valley… Our junior was not yet two years old at that time, and walking the whole day would be too much for him, that’s why we’ve decided to take a buggy with us to give him a rid

"River Elbe" featured, and "Industrion" in Top Ten!

I’m a bit late in going through my overview these days, but it’s nice reading :) I have found that besides a feature and Top Ten for Morning snow in Gargellen reported earlier, there are more good news about my photographs:

River Elbe, view from Bastei, Germany

was featured in the Stillness Speaks Group :

and Industrion – strange reality

scored in the Top Ten in the Broken Rules challenge of the Photography Critique and Advice group :

Many thanks to Beth for the feature, and to all of you for your comments and votes! They are much appreciated :)

Have a nice day and good light :)

"With love" and "At the dairy factory" featured

Still quite busy with the house and not being online that much these days, I’m very happy to find out two of my photographs featured recently:
With love

was featured in the That One Great Shot Group :

and At the dairy factory

was featured in the European Everyday Life Group :

Thanks to the hosts of the groups, and thanks to all of you for your friendly comments on my works, I appreciate them very much!

Have a nice day and good light :)

NYIP students, where are you?

As you may have noticed, I’m a student of the New York Institute of Photography. For all students and graduates of NYIP, Kelly (kellyjomitchell) is going to start a group at RB to share their works and experiences and to get any help all of us would want or need now and then.

Are you a NYIP student, interested in a NYIP group? Please keep in touch :) Do you know any NYIP students? Please let them know!

Looking forward to meet you in the NYIP group soon :)

Have a nice day and good light :)

P.S.: Next two weeks or so I’ll be still quite busy reorganizing our house completely, but I hope to get active here at RB soon after again. I miss it now so much! Till then, have a great time :)

Time out

My dear RB friends, it’s such a busy time now! We are reorganizing our house, I’m helping in my daughter’s school this week and organizing activities in the local center for women and children. Above it, I have found that our daughter has to formally enter a basic school in the Czech Republic even when we don’t live there, and she’ll have to pass some exams there more or less regularly starting next year, so we are quite busy to find some acceptable arrangement for her. Unfortunately, there is no time left for RB or even for photographing at these days… I hope I’ll be back over two weeks or so. Till then, have a great time and good light to make some wonderful photographs or other art pieces :)
Yours, Lenka

The bad thing about calendars...

Through the past years, I always had a problem to get a big calendar I would really like. You know, not one of those small squares filled with cliche snaps of animals or typical tourist traps as sold on each corner, but rather something noticable, and filled with great photographs. For me, it would be preferably mountains or water or landscapes in general.…

(You know, the city where I live is not the best one for shopping unless you get downtown very often, which is definitely not my case. And when I finally get to the Czech Republic for Christmas, they are out of stock there and the remaining pieces are too often too much damaged to buy them…)

But now, RB is full of so many great calendars!

The bad thing about it is that I have realized I would need to get some new walls to place only tho

"Sunday, Liptov" featured

I’m happy to get my recent photograph Sunday, Liptov made in the Museum of Liptov Village

featured in the European Everyday Life Group :

I must admit that an ‘open air museum’ scores high on my list of destinations to visit anytime, because all of them are great places to learn about history and traditions (and I like traditions and just love views of the simple life our ancestors lived), and they offer so many opportunities to photograph, be it still-life, architecture detail, macro or even portraits. Last but not least, children love them too, which makes them a great tip for family outing :)

Thanks for all your friendly comments, I appreciate them so much!

Have a good light :)


Today I’m leaving for two weeks, to visit my family and old colleagues, and hopefully to see some mountains again for a day or two. I won’t be online in that time (no computers and no phones :)) but I’ll try to check your new works as soon as I’m back :)

Good light :)

"With love..." featured

I’m honored to have my photograph With love…

featured in the That One Great Shot Group :

Getting this photograph was rather tricky (have you ever tried to photograph your own hands with a camera having no manual focus, only auto-focusing in the very moment you press the release button?), so I’m really glad you like it :)

Thank you all, and have a good light :)

4000+ views! Which works are most popular?

I just found out that the number of views of my photographs went over 3100, plus additional 970 views for T-Shirts :)
It may be far less impressive then the statistics of many other people here at RB, but I’m happy about it taken into account that my time for photographing/processing/presenting is limited (nights are really too short!) and I don’t rush to submit huge amounts of photos, being a bit of perfectionist… Anyway,…

Thank you very much for viewing, commenting and favoriting my works, all your feedback is much appreciated!

These are my most popular (most viewed, commented and favorited) works: (please notice that I never comment on my own works; I appreciate all your comments very much but instead of replying to it, I mostly try to pay back by commenting on your works or react via bm

Just back from holidays, my works featured inbetween :)

I’m just back from holidays (great trip to Switzerland, 25 exposed films!), it will only take some time to get photographs as I send the films to a profi lab abroad via normal post service… I learned to be patient when it comes to this because from that lab I get top processing, and for the price I would have to pay to the local lab, I will also get scans (at lower resolution, but good for decision on further processing anyway) or 10×15cm photographs (or both, for just a few cents more) :) So before I get it all back, I may go back to some photos from previous holidays that remained unprocessed till now :)…

It was a nice surprise to find out that two of my photographs were featured during my holidays:

At the lake

was featured in the group The Fine Art of Photography whereas
Tea time dreami

Leaving for two weeks

This weekend, we leave for two weeks for Switzerland (hurray!), taking rest from phones, computers etc. :) Just to enjoy nature (including even more rain, as it seems now…), hiking in mountains, and photographing, of course! Have a good time, and I will try to catch up as soon as possible when I’m back :)

Another three featured works!

What a surprise today morning: I’m honored to get three of my photographs, namely
Morning snow, Gargellen, Austria

Water and flowers

and Horse at Kristberg, Austria

featured in the Austria group:

They now make company to Lünersee, Austria

that was featured in the same group 26 days ago… I love Austria and it seems that Austria loves my photographs :)

Thanks to the host of the group, Walter!
And thanks to all of you commenting on my work for your wonderful support :)

"Dahlia in white" featured

Yesterday, I have found that my photograph Dahlia in white

became a featured work in the Simply White Group:

It was a bit of surprise to me, because it apparently got much more popular than my Dahlia in pink (which I think about as a sister to the white Dahlia: same time, same place, same flower – except of the color!, same textures, same processing) posted earlier. Is it due to the color? Or just some sort of a random effect?

Anyway, I definitely like to see them side by side :)

Thank you very much for all your comments and favs!

A bit disappointed...

This weekend, it was my daughter’s very first ballet performance (three performances in two days, actually) and I was so much looking forward to photograph her, but we were not allowed to take a single photo… :( (even when the director told me some time ago that I may take photographs during the performance if I will!)
We’ll be able to buy a DVD with photos taken by a professional photographer who was hired by the school but as far as the DVD will be made for TV/PC playing and should contain a video reportage of the whole performance (taking about 1.5h) as well as group portraits and portraits of all of the 290 performers, I’m not really sure whether the photos will be big enough/in reasonable quality to get even a single print of her… Even worse, the DVD will be only available after summe…

Featured artist!

I became a featured artist in the Domestic Art – Home Is Where the Art Is Group today:

There is also an interview with me in the Artist Spotlight by Levi Moore — thank you, Levi!

Here’s the last Q&A from the interview:

12) If you could give any advice or words of wisdom to those just starting out, what would they be?

Study the pictures you like (you can learn a lot), listen carefully to constructive critisism (it helps you to find what is your strength), don’t give up (you cannot win a contest if you don’t enter it!), be patient (yes, it may be a long run), and above all: enjoy!

Have a nice day,


Maybe it’s a good time to make a first balance…

Summing up my first 40 days at RedBubble, I have:
17 pieces exposed in My Art, 1003 views, 115 comments, 36 favoritings,
being on a watchlist of 15 RedBubblers,
3 works featured in various groups,
1 publication in a photography magazine

Many thanks to all of you interested in my work!


Several weeks ago, I have entered five photographs into a photo contest “People” of the Czech photography magazine PhotoLife . Last week, I have got a print of PhotoLife #64 (April/May 2008), and found that my photograph Illuminated

is one of 49 published entries! Except of that, With love…

was stamped as Chosen, which means it was also one of the finalists chosen for publication, only did not fit into the page layout (considering harmony of all photographs to be published at one page…) as desired by the publisher. Considering it was my very first contest entry since I have started to take photography really seriously, I’m happy :)

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