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Lenka tries to capture positive emotions. Her work features images highlighting inner and outer beauty of various subjects. She loves...

Yay, 10000 views :)

I’ve just noticed the counter shows 10001 views for my art (with another 3288 for T-Shirts)!
Big thank you to you all, and especially to those of you taking the time to support me by your comments and giving me the honor of favoriting my works; I appreciate it very much!

Just for the record, my most viewed works up to now are Imperfect (535 views, 36 comments and 22 favoritings), With love… [T-Shirt] with 519 views, Illuminated (496 views, 35 comments and 9 favoritings), Illuminated [T-Shirt] with 443 views, At the lake (415 views, 34 comments and 15 favoritings), Lago di Garda, view from Monte Stivo with 414 views, and With love… (both variants together having 407 views, 15 comments and 6 favoritings). Quite spread in genre, in fact, but pretty much in line with my intention to share the beauty of this world with you… I’m glad you’ve seen it too, and thank you once again for watching and sharing your thoughts!

Have a nice day and good light :)

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