Aaargghhhhh ……

I am so humbled by the amount of comments and encouragement that you lovely people leave on the artworks (including mine) on this site …. and feel sooooooo bad that I simply don’t have sufficient time to return the favour, and encourage others on a regular basis.

I love browsing and learning from other’s artistic ventures! If I don’t leave comments, please know I am enjoying your work! Sometimes I have a few moments and am able to leave a word of appreciation … I will also send a bubblemail when I can …. but I could comment on soooooooooo many artworks!

Congratulations to all of you on such amazing work! I wish I could manage the same standard … but, rest assured, I am learning from all of you!

So ……. thankyou! Thankyou for displaying your work. Thankyou for commenting. Thankyou for encouraging ……..

Thankyou one and all!!!!

Hugs to all,

Lenita :-)

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