I often ride in airplanes, and sit by the window, I look out through the thick glass pane and into the dreamy sky’s clouds and I’ll gaze at the square patches of grass that are separated by concrete lines of grey.
I fly in airplanes, and I look down out the window and I hope that someone would look into the sky and see the plane I’m in, crashing.
Crashing onto an island that exists far away from all things good and beautiful, bad and ugly in this world.
I want to crash down onto an island;
I want to live simply in a tree house with my cat, rainbow purse, my wind chime, and my plant Ophelia.
On my little Island I would paint and fly kites, drink hot cocoa and go sailing on the warm breezy days.
I love people so much, but I often wish I was an island, or rather crashing into one. I find this world beautiful and the simplicity of it rare and delightful.
I love tea kettles, trains that travel through European cities, and the trolleys that roam the streets of San Francisco.
Seattle, Toronto, Iceland, India, Africa, Japan, and Holland are my favourite beautiful places.
I have a fascination for Holland décor,
I have an infatuation for Japanese culture/Ghibli film,
I have a dream living in my heart to help Africa’s people,
I have a fascination for India’s trains, I have an infatuation for Icelandic music/scenery. I have a dream living in my heart to live in Toronto/Seattle with their museums of art.
I am always sketching butterflies, flowers, trees and eyes.
I wish i owned a dinosaur that lived under my sink and would eat my leftovers for me so i wouldn’t feel wasteful.
I know who I am, and I continue learning who I am. I am very honest about who I am, and how I think about the way life works, and I will be your friend if you wish to be mine as well.
I wish I could be a deer in a forest. My religion is constantly changing, but I think I believe that there is something greater than us and whatever it is, it is the connection that binds all living creatures together.
I use to own this grand ukulele that I played and wrote songs on.
I never get enough sleep and am living life half awake…happily emotionally I am living life fully awake.br /> If I am sleeping I am dreaming crazy things that never make any sense to anyone but me, my paintings and hopeful poetry are the same.
In the summertime I draw with chalk, fly kites, swing, and I never wear shoes.
I love water. If reincarnation is real, then in another life i was a fish, and i hope to be one in the next.
My rainbow purse, Monster, and toys are probably my favourite possessions.
My thoughts and sadness get lost in beautiful music and movies. I have many close friends…My cat Alice and Sunshine Bee, are the grandest people in my world.
Above all I trust in you, me, love, the pursuit of happiness, and freedom.

  • Age: 27
  • Joined: January 2009

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