'Unpublished Author needs your advice'

Greetings, I am an up-coming fantasy author; I am not published, so to receive comments on my work would not profit me in anyway other than in terms of advice and feedback. This is ground roots stuff.

I have always been an avid fan of all things Fantasy. It has inspired me, touched me, and shaped my life. It has always been my lifelong ambition to be part of this great, creative movement. The most recent and vibrant movement of this age…

For the last seven years I have been writing a fantasy series I believe extends the boundaries of the genre whilst maintaining the traditions that have made it great…

If you are interested in reviewing the first five chapters of my debut fantasy novel then keep reading. Magician, Man and Beast is the first book in a new Fantasy series aimed at successfully blending the suspense and melodrama of modern thrillers with the sheer scope and originality of Epic Fantasy. All these contempory elements woven around an enduring tale of magic, mystery and adventure, that will appeal to all ages. To read a sample of it click on this link – www.worthyofpublishing.com

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