I Love YOU No Matter What You Say to ME I LOVE YOU!

I hope that my BEAUTIFUL daughter Amber knows that even though Words of Anger spoken to me and the shower she gave me today in those words of it .. I will love her ALWAYS as the ANGER isn’t AGAINST ME … even though she feels and speaks it as being directed towards me, angry at me, someday she will know; "I am the one who always always there every day, reading, helping with the homework, trying …to “listen”, “teach” “guide” comfort" hope" and “dream” of the “woman” she is becoming and the “dreams” she has for her future to BE … I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU no matter what angry words you speak to me …Remember that always wherever you wander I will be here … listenening and waiting, loving and hoping you’ll remember all the love I gave you from the beginning knowing that YOU are the MOST beautiful person TO ME!! Written for My Daughter Amber Hedger this Day 31, October 2011 and NO ONE ELSE; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED; LONGFELLOWSGAL1; HTTPREDBUBBLE.COM/LEIH2008

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