Australians Talk Back and National Emergency are the names of my political election ads.

They are my entries in GetUp’s Oz in 30 Seconds competition to create, rate and air television ads that promote a better, fairer, more progressive Australia.

Australians Talk Back
Shock-jock Eric Anger regularly incites fear and hatred on his national talk-radio show The Angry Hour. Due to the untimely demise of his assistant, he finally gets his comeuppance from the real talkback callers of Australia who demand a fairer Australia for everybody.

Check out ‘Australians Talk Backhere

National Emergency
Australia’s National Emergency contextualized.
John Howard stands idly by whilst Indigenous communities from Redfern to Ramingining undergo a decade of scandalous decline.

Cartoons and Animation by Leigh Canny.

Traditional gospel hymn “Walking in Jerusalem (Just Like John)” performed by C. Jacobs.
Mr. Jacobs appears courtesy of BlueStone Junction

Check out National Emergency here

The competition winner will air on national prime time television during the lead up to the federal election.

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