Thank You to the Domestic Art Group !

A big, THANK YOU, to the Domestic Art—Home is Where the Heart Is Group for featuring Colorful Keyboard today. Ashley, my daughter, composed the image, and only just took the picture and did the Photoshop editing yesterday evening so that’s what I call, instant gratification, lol. She will be thrilled by the recognition for this piece. I also want to add what a great group this is to belong to. We can’t always get away to photograph the unusual or the exotic so it’s great to know that ones’ own surroundings can be the basis for creativity and to have a group where those efforts can be appreciated. I’ve certainly seen some amazing images composed with the common everyday item as the subject matter and suddenly the things I’ve taken for granted around home have taken on a brand new perspective. We look forward to continued enjoyment and participation in this group in the future. Thank you again from both of us.

Pat and Ashley.

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