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Christmas Roundup Thanks

Christmas was wonderfully hectic in our household and consequently I fell behind on a few things – one of which was to thank those people who kindly parted with cash to boost the Tom Godfrey retirement fund. :)

Thanks so much guys ’n gals. I hope the artwork gives you as much pleasure in the viewing, as it did for me in creating it.

Firstly thanks to Anne Van Alkemade for buying a card of "Stardust Rider’.

Secondly to KellD for buying a T of “London Calling”

Then to Freda for her generous purchase of “White on White”

Thanks the anon. buyer for the card sale of Ballooncarryingmonster.

Also to anon. (he buys most of my work :) for the T Sale of Mad Bob the country destroyer.

and last but not least to the anonomous buyer who bought a canvas print of “Three Friends Cross the Atlip Desert”

My thanks to you all and to all fellow artists. Have a great artsitic and recession free 2009.

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