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Sydney, Australia

My artwork ranges from the traditional Wildlife and Landscape, to SciFi, through to whimsical cartoons. / I have recently moved into...

What a great Friday

I woke up last Friday to discover that I had sold two cards of “Didi” and that my interview with Craig Scutt had been published. In case you missed it…:)


To crown it all, my emotions were swamped with the wonderful flood of goodwill and positive reinforcement from my fellow Bubblelanders. Thanks everyone: Craig, for your literary skill, the team, for choosing me as the first bubbler to be profiled- what an honour. I am truly humbled and finally to all the other artists on the site -Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaa :) Art is, as you all know, one of the most challenging and fulfilling activities we can pursue on the planet and to be recognised amongst ones respected peers is huge. Cyber hugs to you all.

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