My Interview with Alien Visitor

Alien Visitor

has delighted us all with his amazing series of Spacescapes. Their haunting beauty and evocative colours touch a chord in us all. Creating a deep nostalgia, his images remind us of something, somewhere, far away. Somewhere we’ve never been before, or maybe, just maybe….

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Hard question,I think my creativity as always effected all aspects of my life.
In my early years I found an escape in books,I can read a 500 page novel in about 8 hours non stop,and I think because of my creativity I was able to disappear into the stories.
It was a place where I didn’t need to interact with people.
And so I became a loner and it wasn’t really until the advent of the computer and the internet that my creativity found a true path, and slowly brought me out of myself.
I’ve always loved art, but could never put the images in my imagination on paper,canvas,even photographs etc.
But early on with the computer I found programs such as Bryce 3D, Photoshop, and Poser, these programs became the catalyst that formed the hole that released the creativity that fills my imagination.
And I think at this point I became less of a loner,it was as if the light at the end of the tunnel was a doorway to freedom, so I stepped though.
But even that freedom of expression was still looking for something.
Then came the digital camera that interfaced with the computer,before this invention I could never afford the film and developing costs needed.
Now I was able to use my photography with computer programs to create my strange Alien Worlds.
Then about a year ago I discovered the 3D Mac only programs “Artmatic Pro and Artmatic Voyager” they were almost made with me in mind,I can now put my creativity to its fullest,its like I have interfaced with this program and vise-versa.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful.

Now thats an easy one.
I have memberships in a number of online art and photography sites, but it was not until I joined the Red Bubble community that I sold anything.
So the first sale in my long creative life was through the bubble.
And of course I found people from every walk of life who like what I create.
This totally blows me away, not even that they like my art BUT they buy it.
And so this site as powered my creativity to new levels ,to hopefully go where no one as gone before with my art,the floodgates have opened.
And I can’t seem to stop creating,in the bubble I can view great art and photography,I can collaborate with other artists,
I think the one thing bubble makes me a better artist is that I ………………..belong.
Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you

Her work is always thought provoking,its very well put together,her DA’s are excellent.
Viewing her work always smile or think,only great art does that.
Brian Towers

I found Brian’s work shortly after I joined the bubble,its appealing to me because
he does some scifi paintings, he as that great English sense of humour, much like my own.
He also works in a medium that that I would love to do,but never will.

A master at what he does,I love to view his DA work,it inspires me to greater heights in my art.
“Artur Rosa”:

Artur is new to the bubble,and his work is some of the very best 3D work I have viewed on the site.Of course it a lot of it is based in the scifi genre,which of course appeals to me.
And last and certainly not least
Tom Godfrey
Tom is another artist who works in a medium I will never do,his art is full of humour,
And he is a master at what he does.
I love to view his works, it also inspires me.
“May you all create well and prosper”

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