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I'm Off Line for a few days, Computer probs :(

I’m gonna be off line for a few days, my computer is down :(
The internal battery died & I got the ‘blue screen of death’. I took the comp. in to be fixed & they changed the battery no probs & ‘did some updates’ and now I can’t access any sites where I have to log in – RB, FB, Hotmail…. At least I didn’t loose any pics & can still work on them.
Weird thing is that now my ‘google’ home page doesn’t fit on the screen any more… you have to scroll across… ( I use Firefox/Mozilla – now the latest version) & my ‘slide show’ of pics that come up on my screen are all cropped & smaller & don’t fit the screen properly anymore… I still use a small CRT screen… Don’t know how they’ll fix it… hope I don’t have to get a new screen, as it still works I don’t want to replace it, & it looks like my computer is getting pretty old & on the way out… or at least the ‘video card’ is apparently..
If anyone has any ideas drop me an email… I can still access that :)

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