Damn the photo nazis!!!

I went out and about in Sydney in search of good photos and locations…

While taking the above photo I was accosted by a photo nazi who screeched his car to a halt beside me…
Him: “Is there a good reason why you’re taking photographs?”
Me: “Yes… I’m a photographer – it’s what I do…”
Him: “But what are they for?”
Me: “Art…”
Him: “Art? – Well do you think that’s appropriate?”
Me (with raised eyebrows and confused look): “Sorry mate – I really don’t understand your concern”
Upon which he stepped back into his car and made a big point of noting down my rego number and then drove off… He’ll probably be wasting the time of the terrorist hotline tonight…

Damn the photo nazis!!!
It spoilt my mood for the rest of the day – and it wasn’t even that good a photograph…

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