Thinking of starting a series...

So I’m really enjoying drawing these animals using photos for referencing.
So far i have done three, (please check them out in my art gallery =])
all with no background.

Im not sure whether thats a good or bad thing, and soon I’ll try one with a background to see how it turns out.

But, i have started adding text to the work describing the animal.
In my opinion, i think it works well, but bleh, i suppose thats personal preference.

And because of this, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna keep doing art like this, and make it into a sort of series, with each piece a different animal, with either a background, or text (depending how i get on).

So far i have three in my collection, which is pretty rubbish i know, but hopefully it will grow overtime, and maybe even become something I’m known for, who knows! =]

Well thats it for now, wish me luck!


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