::a true tale::

Lately I have been somewhat depressed, thinking about the events in life that are out of my control. I want to tell you a little story. My daughter, who will turn 21 this year…has had a rough time here lately. She had a baby January 15th 2007; my grandson who means the world to me. The father has very little to do with the baby. They broke up about a month into her pregnancy and they had been together about 2 years. A few weeks later she met a wonderful Marine stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina named KC. He took on the responsibilities to help her raise Matthew. He also bought her a ring and asked her hand in marriage a month before leaving for Iraq this past August. In December, my daughter, who had been living with us at the time, walked out of her bedroom and told me she was breaking up with this wonderful man. Why? We still do not really know. I had all of his possessions here while he was in Iraq and remained close with him. In another few short weeks she met another..she got pregnant again within 3 months of their relationship & are currently together. I see things in this one I do not care for, but isn’t that the way it goes?

KC just got home from Iraq and spent a few days here with us. My daughter, was here at one point and they finally got to talk and see each other and they remain friends. I as an outsider see the best thing for my daughter and grandson walking out the door. I do not want any of my children to be with someone they do not want to be with, so I try to not be all like..what the hell are you doing? Just because I see a perfect fit does not mean it is to be.

It is always hard to let go of the one’s you love, especially children because we want nothing but the best for them. We want to make sure they are always protected…we got them this far and have to trust within ourselves that we taught them more than enough to carry on, on their own…

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