Today, I achieved an orange belt in Karate. As I stepped up to recieve my new rank, I began to think of everything I have gone through to get to this point. I have endured a traumatic childhood, a wave of rebellion, a stint of homelessness. All to end up here. Making a better person of myself. Then I thought of the ones who don’t have a chance. The ones who are forever struggling on their own in this world to turn their ten ton stumbling blocks into stepping stones. It seems that when they find just enough strength to turn one, someone or something comes along and reverses the stone again. Then, once again down, they feel as if they are getting kicked in the face of life. Their dreams spat on. I realized…How selfish am I to complain about my circumstances. No, I may not live in a mansion or have a lot of money. I may not be known to everyone in the populous and drive a shiny sports car. And I may not be married to the perfect man. I have a car, a home, and a beautiful family. I realized today. That is all I need, and I can truely wish with all my heart that if only one person is able to break free from a bad childhood, a horrible rebellion, or severe poverty and they can step into the world and be extremely greatful to have simple comforts, instead of always wanting more. They will find satisfaction within themselves and make a difference to someone else who has come from the same well of life as they.

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