Entity Chapter 3


No, no, no, this would not do. Her host being alone were vital to the plans she had laid out……… But then, on the other hand, it may be useful to have a “spare” body about. If her new hosts body wasn’t up to the job after all (although she remained certain that it was) and if her sibling was as fit her then there would be no problem what so ever in carrying out the plan which was coming together very nicely indeed. Yes…she would allow this minor alteration to the plan and if the either woman died in the process, well it was no great loss. Thousands had died for her cause which all in all in her opinion was for the greater good, what were 2 more corpses? A drop in the ocean that was all.

“Thanks El, you rock!”

" You are more than welcome my sweet"

The words dropped from her mouth like stones into a pool and in the next second so did she. The attack, which was quite unexpected, came from behind. The Hilt of the Sword hit Elena at the back of the neck rendering her unconscious immediately, as she fell forward her head connected with the glass Coffee table, smashing it into several pieces and cutting her just above her right eye on a particularly sharp edge.
Now that his prey was incapacitated the attacker could begin his work. There would be no need to kill the girl, partly due to the fact that he had unfinished business with the girls “parasite” for want of a better word. He also felt something from the host that his age old enemy had chosen this time, an Aura about her that her unwanted visitor had obviously overlooked. He felt an overwhelming sense that this may be the girl who would end the relentless battle that had raged between good and evil since time had begun.
There would be plenty of time to search the place for what he wanted, he had hit his victim hard enough to keep her unconscious for quite some time, but as a precaution he would work swiftly to ensure that he was not disturbed. He knew that the Talisman was here somewhere, after all, had he not been the one that had seen Elena retrieve it from it’s long forgotten hiding place? The Entities mortal enemy sheathed his weapon and proceeded to cross the room with quick purposeful strides, he surveyed the room quickly but took in every detail as if he had lingered over it for hours at a time. He headed straight to Elena’s dressing table which was littered with make-up, perfume, hairbrushes….all the things that you would expect to find in a young womans room. There was something among these mundane everyday objects though that did not belong there, a small silver rectangular pendant with the ancient markings of a civilization long forgotten inscribed around the edge. These symbols held the key to defeating his eternal enemy and there was no way that he would let that vile creature take possession of an object of such a vital importance. Situated in the middle of Elena’s rather messy dressing table was a very old but beautifully kept Silver Jewelry box. On closer inspection all thoughts of the Pendant were temporarally lost, this could not be….the very same symbols that were inscribed on the Pendant were etched into the Silver of the Jewelry box. He carefully picked up the box to examine it more carefully, as he looked down at his hands, he was mildly surprised to see that he was shaking. He run his trembling finger across the inscription on the lid of the box, yes these markings most definatly matched the inscription on the Pendant. There was no way that this could merely be a coincidence. She had found the Pendant and had stored it in a Jewelry box which was inscribed with the ancient tongue of his fore fathers. Surely this meant that the girl had a bigger role in all of this than just playing host to the Entity. Something had to be done to save the girl from a fate worse than death before the enemy could take over entirely, but what? There was no way that he could do anything about it right now, the girls sister was on her way, to arouse any suspicion now would just be plain careless on his part. He would have to send someone to watch over the girl, to make sure that she was safe from harm at all times. In the meantime he would have to find someway of banishing the Entity from the girls body.
He stored the jewelry box in a pocket on the inside of his long Leather Jacket which also served the purpose of hiding his trusted weapon and then went to check on Elena. Her breathing was slow but steady, the cut above her eye was deep but not so deep as to require any immediate medical attention. She may have a headache when she woke up but other than that he felt confidant that he had not caused any serious or lasting injury to her. Elena’s attacker gazed at her, lost in his own thoughts. If this girl was indeed his would be saviour, she alone would be able to decipher the markings on the Pendant and Jewelry box. As opposed to leaving such important objects within reach of his enemy he would leave the girl a sign, one that she alone would be able to understand……

Entity Chapter 3


Swansea, United Kingdom

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Artist's Description

This is the 3rd part of the story entitled “Entity” that I am currently writing. In this chapter Elena gets attacked by her “visitors” lifelong enemy, for reasons which will come to light further on in the story. Enjoy! Feel free to comment.

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