Ever Precious

April 23
The Ever Precious Credit Score
Like the dangling carrot, promised diamond, or holy grail, our credit scores have become ever so precious, if, that is, you are lucky enough to still have one. Apparently I am not the only one to recognize this. The great and almighty credit companies, (Whom actually rule the world along with the press and Microsoft) have undoubtedly realized the latest fathoms of deceit and greed, (here I would like to introduce a new word, greedeceit, that if you ask me, is the epitomizing verb for the actions of banks, i.e. credit card companies . . . actually, and not so lately, endorsed.) Does- don’t kick a horse when it’s down ring a bell? Oh . . . they are so not our friend. And I suppose that is my point. Trust no one. And stop looking to the big “O” for comfort. He’s as saddled by lobbyist and global economics as the rest of us. But when will the rest of us get of off the pot and and realize that the mere use of credit cards, banks, and mortgage lenders, is what got us into this mess . . . the bible tells us not to take up with evil doers and soothsayers. Who more soothes than “buy now, pay later”. And they don’t give a damn if you go down the tubes, spend your nights tucking your kids in with yesterday’s newspapers on the corner sidewalk, or eat cat food in order to save enough for your next doctor’s visit. All they care about is if their offices are posh, their yachts are fueled, (apparently, and I have this on good authority, the very rich realize it is neither politically correct nor popular to be rich in America these day and are thusly hiding out in the Bahamas and other Caribbean waters) and the rent on the hangar they hide their private jet in is paid.

I suggest this. And maybe the poor little judges inundated with foreclosure documents will agree. Americans should reevaluate the securities found in “Ye’ old mattress”, that perhaps the bedbug has been sent to remind us of the virtues of horsehair. Banks, Credit companies, and worst of all, Insurance Companies, have done nothing for us except take our money on the promise our lives will be better. Is your life better? My life is not so bad, and every day I pray for those who’ve lost things I have not, even though tomorrow might change that, but still, I pray because it seems to me we’ve gone quietly into the night. We’ve allowed ourselves to believe in people who’ve taken our money on nothing but a promise. Like the insurance companies who defaulted and left thousand homeless after hurricane Andrew in Florida, or Katrina in New Orleans, because they filed bankruptcy, couldn’t pay because of “Devine Intervention”, (Read the fine print. . . but isn’t it funny that when we need our insurance company the most they’ve conveniently finagled some legal jargon loop hole to keep what we thought was rightfully our own.) Anyway, what I’m trying to tell you, even though these words will probably reach no further than the single digit percentage of my Facebook friends, is that we need to be more independent. Stop looking to those promising the cure-all elixir. Believe in yourself. Believe that you will survive, propagate, and continue to coexist in happiness and in all serenity with all of the human beings that inhabit your 24 hour spaces, even without the next three-thousand dollar couture bag, go to work in an Armani suite, or drive to the boss’ dinner party in tomorrow’s model Porsche. Believe, our well being has nothing to do with the continued existence of Citibank, Chase, or American Express.

Ever Precious

Laurianne  Macdonald

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