I'm on cloud 9 !!!

I just popped on Redbubble and to my astonishment I saw that I had sold 2 cards !! Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank yous to whomever liked my fractals well enough to buy " The Steadfast Heart" and " A Midsummer Night’s Dream." !!!

The Steadfast Heart was a birthday gift to one of my oldest and dearest friends Jacqueline, and so holds a special place in my heart . And I’m thrilled that someone liked it’s simple, uncomplicated gentle look enough to buy it. I’ve always felt that fractal art does not always need to be about wild explosions of movement and color …. that the whisper can be just as effective as the shout.

As for A Midsummer Night’s Dream…. well as you can tell, I’m addicted to flowing lines & color ! grin

Thank you Redbubble for giving me this unique opportunity for selling my artwork, not to mention for meeting some wonderfully supportive people.

And thank you again for buying my cards, whoever you are. You made my day !! Heck …. my week !!!


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