Sales, a challenge, some random chit-chat...

Hey there!
Long time since my last journal post… but I’ve been around here anyway, enjoying some very nice moments :) In fact, I’ve been very glad to see my work featured in some of the group I’ve joined, and even on the homepage! ~ <3

And looks like someone was even brave enough to actually buy my works!! J/K, thank you SO much, my dear mysterious buyers!!! (and, if you want, let me know who you are, I’m incredibly curious! Or maybe you could consider to post your purchases’ photos in the Buyers’Booth page… hehehe)

Anyway, looks like one of the designs that sold the most is this one…

… maybe karma is trying to tell me that the world needs more kraken love? Hmm hmm… XD

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Besides, in these days I also joined a very nice contest here on Redbubble, the Oxfam GROW t-shirt design challenge … I suggest to take a look at the link, the campaign is about a very important subject!!

(But, since you are at it, maybe you could also °ahem° vote for your favorite design(s)? Not to influence anybody, but just to let you know, my entry is this one… °whistles° :P )

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