The "Krakendar" project!

So, time for my yearly post, isn’t it? ❊removes cobwebs❊ :P

Well, even though last year I haven’t been exactly active around here, I’ve often come to take a look!
(and I’ve seen there’s quite a good number of nachos lovers, huh? ❊whistles❊ )
(don’t misunderstand me guys, I’M WITH YOU °(ù_ù)°<3 )

Last year I’ve been quite busy with work… that’s absolutely a good thing, but sometimes girls just want to have fun. So, to keep in practice, and have indeed some fun, I’ve decided to start this year with a new little project, the “Krakendar”!

Basically I’ll try to make a monthly wallpaper+calendar, featuring the characters from my other very-but-I-hope-now-less-irregular project “Me & the Kraken”, that at the end of every month will also be on sale as postcard in the ‘Me & the Kraken’ section of my Redbubble shop :>

For more details, and to download the wallpapers, see the Krakendar album in my Facebook page <3

So, enjoy the wallpapers if you want, and happy new year of the Kraken everyone!! :3

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