The "Krakendar" project!

So, time for my yearly post, isn’t it? ❊removes cobwebs❊ :P…

Well, even though last year I haven’t been exactly active around here, I’ve often come to take a look!
(and I’ve seen there’s quite a good number of nachos lovers, huh? ❊whistles❊ )
(don’t misunderstand me guys, I’M WITH YOU °(ù_ù)°<3 )

Last year I’ve been quite busy with work… that’s absolutely a good thing, but sometimes girls just want to have fun. So, to keep in practice, and have indeed some fun, I’ve decided to start this year with a new little project, the “Krakendar”!

Basically I’ll try to make a monthly wallpaper+calendar, featuring the characters from my other very-but-I-hope-now-less-irregular project “Me & the Kraken”, that at the end of every month will also be on sale as postcard in the ‘Me & the Kraken’ section of

Getting SOCIAL! :D Facebook & co.

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let you know that I’ve recently opened my Facebook page… better late than never, I guess u_u

You can find it here > LAURA’S FACEBOOK PAGE

I also uploaded there some ‘live’ photos of tees&prints you can purchase here, so if you are curious come and have a look (… and maybe even ‘like’ the page, pretty please? :B <3 )

And if you are feeling particularly social of course you can also come and pay a visit to my Twitter page or to my website (that I hope to find the time to refresh up asap, sooo old! But I like the carps, hehe X) )

And obviously don’t forget about Redbubble!! I’ve been uploading some designs in the last months, and hopefully more works are’a’coming! So, ’till next time! o/

Sales, a challenge, some random chit-chat...

Hey there!
Long time since my last journal post… but I’ve been around here anyway, enjoying some very nice moments :) In fact, I’ve been very glad to see my work featured in some of the group I’ve joined, and even on the homepage! ~ <3…

And looks like someone was even brave enough to actually buy my works!! J/K, thank you SO much, my dear mysterious buyers!!! (and, if you want, let me know who you are, I’m incredibly curious! Or maybe you could consider to post your purchases’ photos in the Buyers’Booth page… hehehe)

Anyway, looks like one of the designs that sold the most is this one…

… maybe karma is trying to tell me that the world needs more kraken love? Hmm hmm… XD

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Besides, in these days I also joined a very nice contest here on Redbubble, the Oxfam GROW t-shi

15% off my work!!

If you buy something from my shop by the 14th of November, the kind Mr Redbubble will make you a 15% discount!!!

You have only to insert this code:


Thank you for your kind attention (and thank you Mr Redbubble) ♥

An animation & an online exhibition

Hello everyone and welcome to your periodic dose of shameless promotion! :D…

My boyfriend and I created a little animated short for an ad contest about an ecologic heating systems company: everyone, on their own and by their own, even small, act, can give their contribution for a better, and cleaner, world.

If you want to take a look you can see it here >

(and if you like it maybe you could also sign up and vote for us, eh eh… °wink wink nudge nudge°) X3

I also like to think about this little animation work as a “warming up” for the ones that may come in the future… °crosses fingers°

This month I also joined a lovely online exhibition organized by Vestque. It’s titled “31 girls in 31 days: May 2010” and its theme is POISON. If you wa

Woah, my first feature!


These days have been really busy and tiring for me, and kept me a bit away from the web… then today I come to take a peek on Redbubble, and what do I found?

My work The hall has been featured on the homepage!!!

Thank you so much to who made it possible, it really made my day!! n___n

(now I’m a bit in a hurry but I’ll try to answer to everyone who commented as soon as possible, I promise ;D )

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