Write up in Horse.com

With my graphite drawing “Barbaro – America’s Champion” I have these ornaments I am selling for a holiday fund raiser. $5 from each ornament will be donated to the Fund to Fight Laminitis at the University of Pennsylvania where Barbaro was hospitalized for over eight months before laminitis claimed his life.

I came up with the ornaments at the request of the infamous Fans of Barbaro to accommodate their desire to find a “holiday” way to donate their money toward this fund. So it was their idea and I am thrilled that they chose my work and ornaments for this.

One of the FOB’s (Fans of Barbaro) sent in a press release to Horse.com which is a very popular on line horse magazine. Suddenly my email and paypal account have been FLOODED with orders!! What a trip! I’m going to need to hire a staff to get all of these out. LOL

Here is the article. Proceeds from Barbaro Ornament to Benefit Laminitis Research

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