In Response to Scott Denny

Thankyou for your prayer for Kenya. The photo I just submitted to this group “siblings sharing” are just three of the people that I am worried about at the moment. I worked in Kisumu for a while at an Orphanage. It was my second visit to Kenya and it was a peaceful and beautiful country, even concidering its hardships of poverty. Since the elections, Kisumu is one of the hardest hit towns as the opposition contender is from a tribe located from this area of Kenya. I have tried to contact all my local friends from the area and have not heard from them. This off course has me worried as there is nothing I can do from Australia. I didn’t receive emails over christmas or any answers to my texts. I hope any pray with you for the safety and peace of such a beautiful country and its people. As for my friends and the children from the orphange I hope all is well with them and wish I could be there to help.

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