now i know why they call it Heartache...

as i was laying in bed the other night, my chest felt heavy.
like some 500-pound person was sitting on it!
i could barely breathe.

then i realized… it was just heartache.
I’ve had broken hearts before, but this was more like… an ache. Sadness. Loss.

it has been 14 days since the “break up” and i am learning to cope. Not move on yet, but cope (whatever that means). Waking up, making absolutely sure i stay distracted with work, reading, and plenty of Nyquil for the nights when it’s hard to sleep.

here i am, in my 30’s, feeling like i’m 16 again -like its the end of the world.
which i know, of course, it’s not.

i guess it just feels like it is….

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