space case

The light of the fireplace flickered in the cabin. The thick forest was still dead asleep at that hour. Johnson and I hiked all night up that mountain to get there in the cover of the darkness. They would be expecting us and Riley was in there. Nothing could go wrong because no one else knew where we were at. They couldn’t, or she would be taken away from me for good.

We approached the cabin, but saw no signs of Ludwig and Marcus. I checked my holster to make sure I still had my gun. It was there, ready for action if need be.
“Do you see anything?”
“No Crumshaw.”

A sharp pain hit me in my back and I hit the ground. My face was smothered in wet leaves and mud and I could hear Johnson scuffle with someone. I was pulled up to my feet and frisked. They took my pistol then I was thrown down again. I rose to my knees and wiped the mud from my eyes. I could see light through the open cabin door. Marcus was standing there holding Riley around the neck. Her cries went right through me. I couldn’t do anything with the rifles pointed at both me and Johnson.

“Crumshaw, you made it. Did you bring Number 50?”
“Yes, now let her go and you’ll get your sickness.”
“Riley, go get the vials and bring them here.”

Riley walked towards me and I could see the fear in her eyes as they swelled with tears. She unhooked the bag from my shoulders and took it back to Marcus.

“Ludwig, check it out.”
He took a vial from the bag and dropped a capsule in it. Holding it to the light of the cabin, the dark purple color swirled into a crystal clear liquid.
“It’s good.”
With those words, Riley was thrown from the porch onto the ground.
“Come get her.”
The butt of the rifle cracked the side of my head and could see that Johnson was already down. I could hear Riley trying to get up, rolling in the leaves.

The cork popped off of one of the vials and then Johnson’s gurgles filled the forest. They were holding him down and forcing the red juices down his throat. Then they threw him at me and ran for their truck. Johnson looked up at me and was trying to say something. Something wet hit my eye and I knew instantly what it was. Number 50 was in me now.

We had to stop them before they were able to distribute Number 50 it would multiply into a horrible plague, killing more than anyone would ever imagine. The little amount that we gave to them could still do damage. If we wouldn’t have given them the real disease, they would have know and Riley would be dead. We couldn’t risk that. And if we let this rot in our systems for too long, we would just be another number. It would eat away at our nervous system until we withered away into a lifeless flesh ball.

I had to hurry.
“Riley! Stay with Johnson, I have to go after them!”
“But… your eye!”
I scrambled to one of the dirt bikes leaning against the cabin and tore after them!

The dust was heavy and rocks were hitting me in the face. My eye was oozing with bloody liquid, I could hardly see. Turn after turn on the tight dirt trail I went. Closer and closer, running them down. There was no way I was going to let them get away with this. Riley meant everything to me and they hurt her. That alone drove me every painful second. I never thought her work as a Scientist could lead to all of this. They kidnapped her and took her on a week-long horror fest up in that cabin. And it was all for Number 50, for the power they craved.

Ahead in the distance I could see the truck start to lose control around the sharp curve. The ass end came around and met the ditch on the side of the road. With all of that speed behind it, the truck leapt into the air, rolling and twisting down the valley. I slid to a stop in the cloud of dust and debris and jumped off the bike. Screams from the men filled the morning air. I watched in disbelief as one of the men was tossed out of the truck, another was hanging halfway out the driver’s window as the truck continued to roll. Finally the mass of metal came to a slow motion halt and started to burn.

As I scanned the side of the mountain for survivors, the remains of the truck burst into a ball of fire. I stood there watching the flames rise higher and higher and a feeling of comfort drifted over me. Number 50 would disintegrate in the heat of the wreckage and those bastards would too.

“You have to go with us Crumshaw. We all need to get to Germany before it’s too late. You know that.”
“Tell me Riley, how long do we have? Not so much me, but Johnson? And why is the antidote in Germany? That doesn’t seem right!”
“We developed this biological weapon and then we needed to make sure we had a cure. Just in case…”
“In case what! In case someone got infected with it by accident? Like us? Jesus Riley… I don’t even care what happens anymore. We are never going to get there in time anyway.”
“Numerous countries were in on this with us and Germany just happened to be the first to come up with the antidote.”
“Beautiful… so we are going to die.”
“No you won’t! Not if we do this now. Deal with it Crumshaw. This is serious.”
“It’s your problem now. You take care of Johnson. If you want to take him to Germany, then go. He doesn’t have much time. I need to get away from here and think. If I decide to go, you will see me when you get there. If you don’t see me then you know what happened.”
I could see the tears swelling in her eyes as I grabbed my things. I took one last look at her and slammed the door behind me. How could my life come down to this? Was any of it even worth it or would I be overcome by this Number 50?

I boarded the bus and tried not to look back. Through the morning fog I watched the scenery rushing by. I lifted the patch to check my rotten eye. As I pulled my finger away a thick drop of blood trickled down my index finger. I gently dabbed at it as my mind continued to race while the bus slowly bounced along the long dirt road that led out of town. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to Johnson or Number 50 for that matter. Nevertheless, leaving my life behind left me with an awesome sense of freedom and a new appreciation for just how big the world really was. Little did i realize just how small it would soon become.

I awoke to the sound of the screeching brakes of the bus. A dry cloud of dust rolled by the windows and I could hardly see the dimly lit diner shining through. “Last Stop, Oxford Roadside Diner!” yelled the driver as everyone aboard filed out into the night. Stepping into the diner the smell of coffee and grease filled my senses and I took a booth near the windows. I ordered a heaping pile of scrapple, home fries and scrambled eggs. A dark cup of joe washed it all down as I sunk back into the booth. As I looked around the diner I spotted a phone in the far corner.

“Johnson please.”
“Speaking… Crumshaw, is that you?”
“Yes. It’s me… I don’t know what is going on.”
“Well where the hell are you? You need to get to Germany! We are leaving tomorrow!”
“I know… I know… But…”
“But nothing Crumshaw! Are you going to let Riley down? After all that we went through to get her back. You can’t just walk away from your life, your friends, and your commitments. I know you care about her, you can’t deny that.”
“I am just at the end Johnson. I am trying to deal with this disease, it’s eating me alive, mentally and physically.”
“Hell, what do you think I am going through? I have become an alcoholic just to feel normal! I don’t want to live these last days of my life now. I’m not ready to give up, and we both need you.”
“You’re right…” I took a deep breath and held back the tears. I couldn’t let anyone see me crying.
“What am I going to do now? Where do I go?”
“Where are you at?”
“Ok… go to the Felix Terminal. Out back there are is a rusty cargo shed. I will have a cycle ready for you there.”
“But how…”
“Never mind that, just get there. And call Riley.”
“Alright… see you in Germany.”

I threw my tab on the counter and rushed out the door to take my seat on the bus as it was pulling out. After what seemed like hours, the bus rolled to a stop.
“Felix Terminal!”
Riley’s face broke into my thoughts, and I couldn’t stop thinking about what she had said. Still the way she looked at me. The more thought I put into the matter, the more I knew that I couldn’t just leave it all behind. I knew it would follow me. Eating away little by little. Physical death was not the peak of my fear but rather the eternal damnation and torture of my soul that caused me to bolt from the bus in search of my transportation and hopefully find some way to avert the inevitable…or at least soften the final death throws of a world so contorted that i felt it’s own creator would not even recognize it’s twisted remnants. My watch reminded me of what precious little time I had left. I hurried through the shadows behind the terminal and slipped into the old shed. The motorcycle was just where Johnson said it would be. With two kicks, the engine roared and I was on the road. I’m on my way Riley, here I come.

The shapely figure knocked once before pushing her way into the smokey hotel room. “For cryin’ out loud! Are you even packed yet? We’ve got to leave first thing in the morning you know!”
In the furthest corner of the room the man sat in the dark and finished off his bourbon as he processed the meaning of the young woman’s arrival. “Riley! What do you mean? He hasn’t called you?”
She stepped over to the table and lit a smoke of her own.
“I mean, I don’t know where he went, Johnson! I think it all finally got to him.” Johnson was visually perturbed
“He should have made it to the airway by now. He was supposed to call you, he said he would! Crumshaw needs to get to Germany! He needs to get his head on straight. Do you think he will get it together in time?”
“I don’t even want to think about what will happen if he doesn’t. He has to do this. We’ll have to travel to the pick-up location anyway…perhaps he’ll still come through.” She said as she poured herself a drink. Horrible thoughts of their fate flashed through Riley’s mind. She shook her head to clear the terror and walked towards the window.
“It’s growing inside of him now too and he knows that. His eye has got to be bothering him by now.”
“Right…” said Johnson as he dozed off, the alcohol finally easing the pain that filled his body. In the background he could still hear the girl rambling on. Evidently she hadn’t noticed he was already half asleep. He arose, mumbling something incoherently and made his way over to the bed flopping face first without any effort to break his fall. Riley helped the now lifeless figure remove his coat and hat and hung them by the door. As she flipped the deadbolt she glanced at the clock noticing it was already after 3 a.m. “I’d better hit the sack likewise”, she thought to herself,”with the sunrise Germany awaits.”
Meanwhile the old motorbike and weary rider finally approach the gate of the Dunnsbury airstrip. A pilot was already preparing the small single-prop plane for take-off. I pulled up to where he was pouring some fluid into the engine of the mid-sized airplane. He motioned to the rear of the plane, “just drive it on in pal!”, he yelled over the sputtering engine of the cycle. The cargo hatch was opened and I navigated the bike up the ramp securing it inside with a couple of straps. I made my way to the front of the plane and took a seat. The young man was already climbing into the pilots seat pulling levers, turning knobs and flipping switches. He adjusted his seat belt and we both strapped in. The light snowfall grew increasingly heavier as we began to taxi down the runway. As we reached optimum speed for takeoff I wondered if the young pilot could see any better than I could. Unfortunately, in the next moment, he assured me that he couldn’t. We took off nonetheless. The young man flying by his instruments and sheer feel or maybe faith alone. The long cycle ride from Oxford to Dunnsbury sapped my strength greatly and, in spite of my oozing and seemingly infected eye, I was lulled to sleep by the plane engine.

As Riley struggled to put their luggage in the overhead compartment, Johnson took his seat by the window.
“Where is that stewardess?” growled Johnson as he loosened his tie. “I need a bourbon!”
“They’ll be around in a minute, we haven’t even taken off yet!”
Soon they were in the air flying through the sunrise. Johnson finally got his fill of alcohol and grew calm as he continued to read the newspaper. Looking across the horizon all she could think about was Crumshaw. Did he make it to Germany yet? Riley hoped that he was still strong enough to get through this. The warm sun shone through the windows in the plane and she leaned back to take it in.

“…seats in upright position and fasten your safety belts. We will be landing shortly in Germany.”
Riley looked up and saw Johnson putting his newspapers in his bag.
“Time to get yourself together Riley. We’re here and Crumshaw better be too.”
“I know, I hope he is.” said Riley, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

Outside the airport terminal, Vincent was waiting for them in the black sedan.
“Climb in. We have to get to Darhmstadt to get Johnson set up.”

I squirmed in the seat of the plane and tried to open my eyes. A thick crust had dried over my infection and I had to rub it off to gain sight. The pain had worked its way into my spine now and I craved a drink of soothing scotch. I pulled out my flask and took a quick gulp to ease the tension. I stretched and started to look around the plane.

“Hello Crumshaw.” Said a voice from behind me. An erie feeling filled my gut, I knew that voice. I turned around and was starring down the barrel of a pistol. Behind the mangled face I could still tell who it was.
“How could you do that? How could you just let me lay there, clinging onto life?”
“Marcus, I thought…”
“You just got on your bike and took off. I climbed up mountain with one arm, ONE ARM DAMMIT!”
“Your pain is nothing compared to what you put us through! Riley is nothing like she used to be. And right now my insides are falling apart and so are Johnson’s! Do you know what that feels like?”
“Look at me Crumshaw…”
I tried to look at him, but I had to look away. He was hideous.
“LOOK AT ME! I’m hardly a man. One arm, half a face and my hair will never grow back. I am a monster.”
I didn’t know what to say. So I said the first thing that came to mind, “What happened to the pilot!?”, quickly glancing over at the seat which was stained with blood and brains splattered all over the far window. Marcus pushed the tip of the silencer on the revolver closer to my chest, smiling. “He had to be…lets say, disposed of.” I was stunned, “Then who’s flying the plane!” Marcus didn’t answer right away. He just stood up, his head nearly thumping off the ceiling of the cabin, and motioned for me to take the pilots seat,”It’s a wonderful little invention called autopilot my friend…I trust you won’t mind if I take the clean seat.” I knew this was my chance. As his attention temporarily shifted I quickly reached over and clicked off the autopilot switch and in the next moment I jammed the stick controls foreword. With my arms outstretched and the airplane going into a mad dive, I looked over to see my astonished one-armed passenger fumbling for his weapon. Letting go of the stick I pressed a button and leapt from my seat, grabbing a parachute as I scrambled to the rear of the plane and jumped out the aperture of the cargo hatch.
The plane began to spiral down as a few shots from the crazed amputee whizzed past my face. I pulled the chute and just then it occurred to me…I was floating down into the barren, cold wilderness of the Glovney forest without even so much as a coat.

With the luck I was having it really wasn’t surprising to me that I spent the entire night stuck in a tree trying to cut myself loose. By daybreak I was freezing but at least I was again on the ground. I attempted to find some kindling sticks and firewood and after I had built a roaring fire to warm myself by I started to collect some materials for a shelter. The weight and despair of the situation was nearly unbearable. However I had no notion of just how unbelievable my predicament could or would become. I had just bunked down in my flimsy lean-to with the fire raging but still so cold that all I could to was stare blankly up at the star filled sky…and that’s when I noticed it. It started out as a small purple light so far in the distance that to me it was at first just another star among hundreds of thousands. But it seemed to move. I thought that I might have been delirious from hunger but the longer i observed the strange object the more i could notice that it was very definitely moving. I watched it for a long time and suddenly i realized that as it swayed back and forth it simultaneously grew in size. Not only did it move but it was getting closer. At this point I must have fallen asleep watching it for when i awoke I found that not only was the light blindingly bright but there was clearly and audible noise coming from it. I jumped to my feet and threw some of the bigger logs on the fire in the hopes of signaling the aircraft naively thinking myself saved. The bright purple light went dim for a second and then relit brighter than it had been previously. I took it as a signal and became even more excited. Throwing all the firewood i had collected onto the fire, i danced joyously thinking that my rescuers had arrived. But when i turned back to wave my rescuers in I was dumbstruck to find that what i had thought was an aeroplane or helicopter was clearly a spinning saucer shaped disc with the bright purple streaming light mounted on the underside and making the most ungodly sound i have ever heard before or since. It come to a stop directly above me and i had trouble believing my eyes concerning the immense size of the metallic disc spinning overhead. I was bathed in the purple light and then i guess i evidently fainted. I reawoke laying on my back in the snow staring straight up. The disc was still hovering overhead and the purple light was still all around. I didn’t know how long i had been out it could’ve been minutes or it might have been hours…i didn’t know. Then i heard another sound come from the disc. It was different than the low humming whirring sound it had made announcing it’s arrival. It was as if metal were clanging together and against itself and i couldn’t take my eyes off of the object. To my amazement three separate panels slowly jerked open, each spaced as far as possible away from the others, and then there emerged three outcroppings which i took to be landing gear. Through the whole event time seemed to pass by in slow motion. The craft began to lower down towards the earth and i tried to turn to run or crawl or somehow scramble away but i was paralyzed. There was nothing that i could do. My eyes immovably fixed on the descending spacecraft. The purple light seemed to dim slightly.

A feeling of warmth and numbness came over my body and I felt relaxed. I could faintly hear a conversation going on about me, but I could not wake up nor could I make out who it was. I was now able to open my eyelids and a bright light filtered in making my eyes water. Everything was blurry and I could not figure out where I was.

“Crumshaw…Crumshaw…can you hear me?” said a voice from the distance.
It was Riley. I tried to speak, but nothing came out. I couldn’t move my lips. I couldn’t talk. The cloudy waves were fading from my vision and Riley came into view. Behind them stood 3 small men dressed in purple. The color of their clothes was oddly familiar.
“Don’t worry about him…” said Riley. What was she talking about? She was looking at me. I could see her coming towards me and I tried to reach out to her. My arms wouldn’t move. What is going on?
“I’m sorry…” She said and brushed her hand across my head. “I never meant to take things as far as I did with you.”
What? I was so confused, but I could not say a thing. All I could do was lay there and look at her.
“I never loved you…” With those words Riley backed away from me. “It doesn’t matter anymore anyways. Soon you won’t remember any of this. I know who I really must remain loyal to and there is only one way to keep them alive. By now you should be totally paralyzed from head to foot. Your cells are freezing as we speak and we will soon be ready for the operation.” Riley was the only person I could understand all the others spoke in an alien language. She explained to me,“Our planet is almost completely sterilized due to an unforeseen complication rising from some nuclear radiation fallout, all the males of our planet have been almost totally sterilized. After doing some tests on you, we realized that number 50 had only spread to your eye and stopped. I know you thought there was an anticdote waiting for you here in Germany however there is no anticdote, in actuality your immune system is much stronger than anyone whose been previously “tested”. So let’s just get this over with.”
Riley came towards me with a remote control. She began pushing buttons and my body was raised under a bright light. The little guys in purple suits came around both sides of the table. The next fifteen minutes or so are now undescribable. Even now I can’t bear to think back to the tests they performed on my body. Probes were inserted. My fluids swiftly stolen. Riley tried to explain what was happening while the nameless aliens proceeded to operate. They removed what was left of my infected eyeball and immediately poured a thick, lumpy, oily goop into my exposed socket. It burned like the devil but only for a few minutes. As soon as the sensation subsided my vision cleared completely. I looked around the table for Riley but to my horror she was not the same. Only her voice remained to distinguish her from the other alien types prodding my body. They all looked nearly identical although I could definitely tell the females apart from the males. Upon completing the examination/operation they all moved my body to a chair with extremely rounded armrests and sat me up in it, covering me clumsily with what seemed to be a silk fabric. I was still paralyzed. The alien that was Riley sat across from me and tried to explain the situation.
“You see Crumshaw I will try to make this explanation of events as simple for you to understand as possible. I come from a race of beings called the synergist. Our species is dying due to an unfortunate scientific accident that took place on our home planet. This event left every male gendered being completely sterile and unable to procreate. You see, our culture functions much the same as the bee species on your earth planet. The many available and capable males all service the one queen to produce the eggs which the rest of the hive cares for. You see, human physiology is very close to that of our own allowing for a synergist/human hybrid of sorts. however the synergist chromosomes form the dominant gene making for a prominent synergist form. I am one of the queens daughters she has sent to find her a suitable mate to help populate our world and reign alongside her as king. I have been visiting your earth for many years “looking” for a suitable specimen to engage in procreation with our queen. I have “tested” each of them just as I “tested” you. Unfortunately after I have been with a human the specimen always suffers from…shall we say differing degrees of side effects. Incredibly you are the first man with an immune system strong enough to supress these side effects. Your mucus membranes, however seem to be your weak spot as it is evident that these side effects have settled in your eye. I was more than a little confused, “but I thought that No. 50 was a massive biological weapon?” Riley smiled softly and looked me straight in the eyes, her alien face uniquely beautiful and oddly familiar she said, “On your planet your leaders have refined it into a powerful biological weapon on ours though it remains only a mild STD.”
Now that we have restored your sight there is one final test that remains…with your consent of course. And with that the alien that was Riley lifted her slender leg and threw it over me straddling me seductively, her thin alien lips only inches away from mine she whispered, “So how would you like to be king?”
“King? I like the sounds of that.” I thought to myself.
“Well it would only make sense since you would be saving our people.” Riley said as she wrapped her slender arms around me.
“So who would be my queen?”
“I thought you would never ask… we shall take you to her. Just as soon as you prove yourself one last time.
Prove yourself to me.” And with those words I discovered that my paralysis had subsided.
I found that I could no longer resist her and without apology we engaged in unholy intercourse right there in the middle of the room, right in the chair with the weirdly rounded armrests, with the little purple men looking on.
Riley smiled and I tried to stand up, but she took hold of me and held me still.
“It’s going to take some time for the effects of the operation to wear off before you can walk. Now lets get you on your way.”
I was wheeled down a long, narrow hallway that was lit with small incandescent lights. Two large doors swung open at the end of the hall and more of the purple men approached us.
The purple men stood aside as I was pushed into the room alone. My chair slowly rolled to a halt as the doors slammed behind me. The room was quiet and drenched in ambient purple light. I clumsily stood up and walked away from the chair. Exploring the room from one end to the other I found it utterly empty. In the far corner a concealed door in the floor cracked open and a machine that looked something like a generator rose silently into the room to accompany me. I started over to the foreign piece of machinery to see what it was about but I did not make it far. The machine began giving off a fog from the spheres that crowned it’s peak and the room grew instantly cold. In a matter of seconds it became impossible for me to walk and I crumbled to the floor. I remember thinking this was worse than being trapped in the trees of the Glovney forrest after that hellish plane wreck. The room grew colder. My thoughts seemed to grow thicker. In mere minutes I found myself forced to sleep by the alien freeze machine. My last recordable memory was of the alien that was Riley entering the room and gently lifting me back into the chair with the weirdly rounded armrests and wheeling me over to the corner of the room. My eyelids began to droop and there was nothing that I could do to keep them open.

I awoke still strapped into the chair. The machine that had risen out of the floor was now heating the room up again. I sat there for two or three minutes before the alien that was Riley burst through the door. She was hysterical and rushed directly over to me and began frantically unstrapping me from the chair. “I’ve changed my mind,” she said, “We’ve got to get out of here! Fast!”
I immediately started asking questions. She told me to shut-up and quickly clamped her hand over my mouth. Then she bent down looking me straight in the eye, “I’ll explain when we have time. Follow me.” She led me down a narrow hallway, sirens were blaring and emergency lights flashed their weird purple color. Hand in hand we raced down what seemed like a never ending hallway and behind us in the distance I could see a swarm of little purple men giving chase. She informed me that we needed an escape pod as she dragged me along and soon the hallway opened up to what I assumed was a loading dock. There were approximately fourteen smaller spacecraft surrounding the perimeter of the room. Still dragging me along like a mother with an unruly child, we ran past the first few and she pushed down a plunger that was situated directly in front of the first pod. Underneath it an airlock opened and the small pod dropped through the floor and out of view. Riley and I jumped into a different pod, she latched me in and reached out pushing the ejection plunger. She closed the hatch and suddenly we dropped through the floor just as the little purple men broke into the room. As soon as we were clear of the mothership Riley jerked back on the controls and took us directly overtop. We watched the first pod drop down and away with the purple men in close pursuit. Riley told me to hold on as she fired the main jet. We were out of sight of the mothership within seconds.
“I need to explain some things to you Crumshaw.”
I braced myself for whatever news she was going to deliver.
“I’ve decided that I need to save you. I’ve grown somehow connected to you. You’re all that I can think about. You see…I’m afraid that the queen, my mother, isn’t exactly what you’re expecting. Although you may not realize it, even when you’re in the same room with her.”
“Well if she’s anything like you then I’m sure I shouldn’t have to much of a problem.” I teased with a snicker.
“No you don’t understand Crumshaw. Before she mates she releases a pharamone. It smells sweet…almost like perfume, but it is dangerous it will cause you to hallucinate. It will make you see and maybe even feel things not as they are. It will invariably manipulate all of your senses.”
“I love you Crumshaw, I can’t bear to watch what will happen to you.”
“HOLD ON!” She screamed and attempted to engage the main jet again. ”They’re right on our tail!”
The little purple men had not only spotted us but they were closing the distance inbetween at an alarming rate. I grabbed onto some handholds and gripped them tight expecting to be thrown back into my seat, instead nothing happened. “Lets go!” I shouted, but Riley only looked over at me dejectedly. A small tear began to form in here eye, “We’re out of fuel for the main jet. I’m sorry Walter Crumshaw…I’m so sorry.” And to my surprise she leaned over and we shared one last, long, unnatural but nonetheless passionate kiss. Our escape pod was disabled and the little purple men began boarding our ship. One of them slipped a gas grenade into the cockpit and I remember trying my damnedest to hold onto Riley’s fragile little hand as we both fell to the floor. In no time everything blurred and then faded to black.

When I regained conscienceness I was drenched in sweat and alone in a large room. It was quiet and drenched in an awful, ambient purple light. I clumsily stood up and attempted to walked around to search for Riley but I found myself chained, shackled and anchored to the floor. Scanning the room from one end to the other I found it utterly empty. In the far corner I began to notice a barely audible whirring sound and then a concealed door in the floor cracked open. Into the room rose a strange looking device that resembled a large television screen. At first it was total static which cleared within seconds to reveal one of the small purple men. He spoke in an abominable language which was sounding like the garbled mix that might be expected to spill forth from a german choking victim. Luckily after he began speaking subtitles picked up allowing me to understand that I had been recaptured and was, once again, being ferried back to their home planet of Vectra-924 for my assigned “meeting/breeding” with Queen Kraniaplean. He went on to inform me that Riley had been captured as well and had been jettisoned into deep space. In closing he said with a smirk “We shall all welcome the coming crowning of our new king” however, the last words I read on the subtitled screen were very ominous and I shuddered when I thought of what they might conceal. The screen stated simply, coldly and in closing that, “RESISTANCE IS USELESS”. The whirring sound resumed and the screen retracted back into the floor. I lay there on my back staring at the uniquely purple lights. Before long my sleeplessness got the better of me and I dozed off with only the cold metallic floor for a pillow. I dreamed a strange dream. I dreamed of a sparkling crown, the fragrant scent of perfume, a soft and gentle voice calling to me, thick lips curling up into a deviant smile and skin so silky smooth that I thought it might be velvet. Those lucious lips glimmering like

space case


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