Das Ist Kunst by Lasaration This is art II by Lasaration This is art III by Lasaration

Blood in your carbon dioxide


Incorruptible Beauty

God has got you in his grasp, / For the ages will always last.


Callous words, / you treat me like a growth; / as if I live under your feet. / Your words I will not eat. / Go pick on another, / Your̵…

Clear and sunny day, / you see only clouds. / Making a storm in a tea cup; / Stirring it up as you go along, / Playing us all for a song. /…
The Sonic Blue Album by Lasaration The same person on the other side! by Lasaration

Relationship’s Wish

Do you see the forrest from the trees? / Is it about the love of the loss? / Do you notice the branches from the leaves?

There is an air of allure in her demure

I remember she has a feline smile without denial. / To tell her she has a beauty I’d like to know, / I bet she’s probably think…

She is into culture, She is into art.

She is a sun like a flower, / A bird like a bee. / She is as beautiful as nature, / She is as individual as a seed.

To drink from your lip’s kiss.

Time makes it valuable, / time makes it right, / looking at you I am in rosey sight. / Wanting to see your face and everything, / In the wi…

Take your mind to a plain

Time to fly, make it dry before it gets wet. / Is this what you dreamt of? / Is this your vision and your place? / It could be here or anot…
Its All about the Strawberry this year! by Lasaration Calendar Bitter sweet Strawberry History. by Lasaration Strawberry Muse Fire! by Lasaration Bright Forever Tenacious Delicious! by Lasaration The Universe as a Strawberry! by Lasaration The Single Sweet History! by Lasaration Of nature and the atomic. by Lasaration Inadequate for the description by Lasaration Tenacious Tendency Therefore! by Lasaration Forever Fruit Pair! by Lasaration Bright soul for the pyre fire fruit! by Lasaration Another Original Sin by Lasaration No abuse for the Muse. by Lasaration Back-door Strawberry by Lasaration Strawberry Lasaration # 11 by Lasaration Strawberry Lasaration # 10 by Lasaration Strawberry Lasaration # 9 by Lasaration Strawberry Lasaration #8 by Lasaration Strawberry Lasaration #7 by Lasaration Strawberry letter #6 by Lasaration Strawberry letter #5 (sham pain!) by Lasaration Strawberry letter #4 by Lasaration Strawberry letter #3 by Lasaration Strawberry letter # 2 by Lasaration Strawberry letter # 1 by Lasaration

Aged/ Ageless and forever-more

For the sites you’d never look, / too bad for you I’ll never do Facebook! / For those growing old there’s our age, / For …

You are a pocketful of wonderful.

Driving down the freeway, / driving with the windows down. / Being so happy, / holding a smile without a frown. / Up in the daytime, / keep…
She was a bad girl then, she is locked away now. by Lasaration Our love is in the gutter by Lasaration

White Flowers One Day/ Pushing them the next

How can you look at that?! / How can you look at this?

“… And all those pretty muses”

Human as a waitress, / A body that’ll live forever; / in art and song. / And to all the pretty muses, / my love to you is my long.

Outsider Immigrant

It won’t be long until I have left, / It won’t be long as I had been. / I’d have come and gone without a desire. / I̵…
Another fucking t shirt! by Lasaration "Oh, what a nice ass!" by Lasaration Sex and it's seed you plant shirt! by Lasaration

The day I picked a Daisy Girl

She had reffered me to a book, / She said it was worth a look.

Pavlova Love

They called the cards / and they named it sweet! / She made it from herself. / She made it all alone. / Together they found an attone.

Her start (to the end of the world) reborn

She’d say, thats untrue, / she’d beleave that I’d be blue.

Suicide is overrated

The blues are an inner demon

She came and she came wet, (with a moist smile) t…

It was a love that was lost / and now she is my compost.
Not happy knot! by Lasaration Pyroscatmaniacs need apply! Position vacant, JOIN YOUR ARMY! by Lasaration Yo Gurt! by Lasaration Gemma Parker wearing Damien Lasaration! by Lasaration Postcard from Manchester... by Lasaration

Texting from a distance

I got scared by your sharp tongue, / cut your losses, what were you thinking? / You put me in a tight spot. / Another excuse will get you s…
NEVERMIND THE ARCHIBALD PRIZE, here's Steph and Lauren! by Lasaration The Damien Lasaration Annual: The art by Lasaration Calendar Art is life is art by Lasaration This is Art (the shirt) prototype, pic 3. by Lasaration This is Art (the prototype) pic 2 by Lasaration This is Art (the shirt prototype 1) by Lasaration The shirt for anyone! by Lasaration Strawberry 1 by Lasaration It's about her, it's about him, it's about you. by Lasaration Self Portrait in the stairwell by Lasaration (green) Apple 1 by Lasaration Choices, the choices we make verses the choices we made. by Lasaration Floating bum instilation (suspended by helium balloons) circa 2002. by Lasaration Sarah's Apple by Lasaration On location at The Tap gallery 2007 at my solo exhibition "The Blue Period" by Lasaration On location 2006 at the Tap Gallery at my Solo Exhibition "Stay Beautiful". by Lasaration Only looking. by Lasaration The message in the art. by Lasaration 2 lovers by Lasaration Dark day night sketch by Lasaration
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