Great ways in the fanboy and fangirl toyscene!

There are some really great toys out there! Some will be rarer than others. At the moment the Star Wars fans are out in force collecting their Force FX Lightsabers. The cool part is that there is a new company making them the cooler part is that for the lucky few who have Master Replica ones then your stock has risen! The most popular with the Master replica batch are the Mace Windu ones (no suprise there) and the Luke green and blue ones. The new company has released them with the same featured but with slightly different decals and paint jobs but they both light up and make those cool noises which you wont have to do accapella style anymore! Prices range from $260AUS and keep in mind when this new model loses its company rights to produce it it is then declared a collectable. No matter what the Antiques rule is of a 100 years. They stop making it and in a certain style then its a sure fire to go up in price! Saga Central sells these things. I have not seen them in stores! Hobbyco once stocked them but they never last more than 1 day in that place. That is how popular they really are. A serious investment if ever I saw one.
The Heath Ledger myth is growing and in time his movies will probably make a bigger star of a man in reality noone gave a crap about when he was alive. He was living up the road from me in Bronte. He would get harrassed by media and camera people. he couldn’t go to the shops. He moved to a quieter place like Manhattan to get away from all that! What a good thing a move can do! My point is that he couln’t even live in Sydney let alone a quiet street without getting hassled. We are so celebrity pathetic here in this town it’s embarrissing. I don’t know if Heath would approve of him being the new cult figure. Most cosplayers imitate his Dark Knight image. It sure beats the campy Ceaser Romero version that only Shaun Micallif can get away with! The toys are exquisite to pathetic. Please note if somthing is collectable the people that make these are sure to be given kudos for doing so and others will be in Rosemedow doctor’s-surgery toy bins in years to come. The simple Heath baddie figgure comes in a version where the outer jacket is green and another version where the outer jacket is purple. I have seen one retailer sell it for $26AUS. The face looks like a young Steve Winwood or that guy from Ween. Very very bad. The DC Direct people have the best in Joker collectables. One 1:6 scale figure I have. These figures come with extra hand varieties and head and mask capabilities. They are so good that they are museum quality. I bought mine at Comic Kingdom for $198AUS. Then Target down in Leichhardt had em for $138AUS. I guess it all depends where you go, eh?! Any chance they will make a Heath TWO HANDS or NED KELLY figure?! There is always a buck to be made out of a dead guy and Hollywood loves a dead star for them to make money off. It’s cheap and the stars don’t talk back with demands or anything. that is one way a myth strats. The other is people like me on an entry level that buy it.
The new Watchmen film will be making fetishist boys very happy with their own copy of Silk Spectre to keep in their mylar pouches in their dark dungeons! I am predicting that this movie will be making cosplay very inviting and the comic cons into a bit of a skinTWO dimension. I could be wrong. I think the title to this movie and comic is crap. Sorry guys, it should be called “Watch Men and Women” or “Watchmen and Watchwomen”. Wait I think it will be another movie to watch with the sound down.

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